How do you deal with a potential nonce ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. My 12 YO daughter was very upset yesterday when she received a call on her moby from a man who got her number from a schoolmate of hers. He was easily in his 30's and wanted "to talk to her" She told him that she didn't want to talk to him and ut the phone down. Good drills by the girl. She was very upset by it all (understandably) and my ex wife got the number of this fella. She passed it to me and after about 3 hours of trying, eventually got through. I went mildly spastic at him. He was obviously up to something from his tone. I put the fear of god into him and told him that I would be reporting it to the Police, which I duly did. I also did what any sensible soul would do and PM'd his number to Dale. I then called the girls father (the one that allegedly passed my daughters number on) I told him of what I knew and left it to him to deal with it from his angle. I will be calling the police back later in the week to chase the matter up. I am slightly fcuing annoyd that this cnut has upset my little girl like this and told the Bil that if I caught him before they did, that I would cut his balls off and feed them to him (the copper larfed)

    Whats the way forwards for me now?
  2. Guru, the main thing is to ensure that it's the nonce that gets banged up and not you. Badger plod and make sure the report remains current and that they are taking positive action.

    I've got a nine year old daughter and I can understand how you feel mate.

    Stick with it
  3. Aye, play the game guru, or it will be you who sees th inside of a cell.
    Everything you have done so far has been spot on.
    Keep reminding said plod of the matter and request information as to what is happening, say every other day.
    Fair play to your little one by the way.
    All that said if he ever calls again, kill him

    a lot.....
  4. Guru you've gone about this the right way even if it doesn't give you the warm glow that you would have got if you gone round and given the perv the panning he undoubtedly deserves. Let plod deal with it now but keep on them to ensure it is properly dealt with and not allowed to drift. As a father of 4 daughters albeit all grown up now I wish you all the best.
  5. Hiya Guru, sorry to hear about you and the girls weekend, that's really awful.

    What you also need to do is ask Mum to go to school and make sure they do something to inform the children, because he is obviously quite a dangerous character, who is probably at the stage where he is certainly prepared to "groom" a child. Can't understand why the friend of your daughter's passed the number on I would have serious doubts over letting your daughter anywhere near her again.

    Your daughter needs reassurance and telling well done for telling you - which I am sure you have done already.

    School definitely needs informing. Let us know how it goes
  6. Yes good drills initially...however...I have 2 girls and a son and if this official line did not go as planned then I am sorry but Billy the Baseball Bat comes into play. It does not have to be done by you, there are plenty of volunteers I am sure. Before the 'do-gooder' brigade start having a go at me just remember what started it and ask yourself why else would a 30+ male be ringing a 12 year old girl on her personal mobile.
  7. ...and then do him again just to make sure.
  8. Having worked with about 4 people inside the prison service who are currently doing time for that exact action, I would recommend against it. The law is a total ass.

    But on a dark night, with no CCTV around ........
  9. Sorry, but don't you think you might be reading something into this that wasnt there. What did he want to talk about? (you say that your daughter did not talk to him, anyway?) It might have been something innocent, it might have been concerning the other girl (bullying, organising a surprise birthday party, some other problem/issue/idea?) What relationship was this man to you daughters friend?
    Really? Are you being truly objective and rational about this? Okay, maybe not, but who is when it concerns their children? I don't think I'd be too chatty on the mobile if someone I didnt know phoned me up and accused me of being a nonce for making a phone call!

    What are the police going to do? 'Potentially' being a nonce or phoning a 12yr old is not a crime? If he is a risk, then good drills, but if he's entirely blameless (even if somewhat naive phoning a 12yr old out of the blue) you might have just caused him a great deal of problems.

    Act in haste. Repent at leisure (and all that sortof crap)
  10. Keep records of all the numbers, times of calls etc. Call the mobile provider, let them know what's going on they will probably advise you to speak to the police - they should give you a reference number. They can then start following up any other related numbers, incidents and calls.

    Do you keep an overview of your daughters emails & other contacts? Speak to your daughters friends parent's see if they have had any similar incidents. (You might want to leave them the copper's number who is dealing with our case.)

    Good luck mate.


    (I have a rusty blunt pair of bolt cutters if you want to borrow them.)
  11. No worry with taking things into your own hands , I am certain there are several hundred witnesses on this forum who saw you somewhere miles away at the time
  12. Guru,

    Having seen a mate of mine go through a similar thing with some bloke having face-to-face contact with his daughter as opposed to by telephone I can sympathise.

    Problem is, his case went all the way to court and was thrown out with no case to answer. I don't know the full ins and outs but I can only imagine that it's evidentiary reasons.

    I imagine that you have already pre-empted the coppers involvement and have written down absolutely everything that your daughter has said while it is still fresh in her mind.

    Unfortunately, if this bloke is on PAYG and has bought his sim from a market trader, got it off a mate etc then there is very little chance the coppers will ever find out who he is - therein lies the danger.

    To that end I would strongly suggest that you have a face-to-face with the father of the girl who passed on the number as, by virtue of the fact she has passed it on, she has either had some form of contact with this bloke or has been phoning/texting him herself. This girl also needs to get everything written down as well.

    Good luck mate but to echo what has already been said, try to keep calm - last thing you need is to be the one in court while he walks free.
  13. I fully concur with this response. With the facts provided thus far there is little the police will do short of creating intelligence and possibly speaking to chap who made the phone call to confirm his reasons. (It may be that your information adds to existing stuff that indicates a pattern).

    Phoning the locals every other day is going to get you nothing. They certainly won't share information of an ongoing investigation (if that is the case) with you.

    If there is more to it, and your daughter has been the victim of 'groomimg' then that will need to be recorded as a 'crime' with the police. Following this arrangements will be made for her to attend an interview (in company of an apropriate adult) with a specially trained (hackney'd comment but true in this case) police officer. This will be recorded and a statement will be produced from it.

    In the meantime, I would imaging suspect would be nicked and brought in for interview etc. With appropriate authorities his phone and usage history can be obtained and examined.

    I would not reccommend phoning network providers and passing on your suspicions on.
  14. Are you for real Walt?

    This guy phones a 12 year old, on her own mobile, with a number he got from a "friend".

    When said 12yos dad phones him back (after 3 hours of trying) no satisfactory or half descent reason is given to him (what would you have done in a similar circumstance)?

    If the reason for the call is legit, surely he would have explained or better still gone through Guru himself in the place, only manners surely?

    Spot on drills so far, tell the police, tell the friends parents and tell the school. Don't need to break HIS PERSEC, just ensure the children are aware of hte dangers, etc.

    Just hope the phone isn't stolen or similarly untracable.

    If the rozzes fail to act, break his kneecaps with a drill, just for safetys sake.
  15. better still pass his number on to that loony muslim website as an ardent zionest and sit back as abdul goes medival on him :thumleft: