How do you break into a car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Sentinel, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. The alarm on the car outside my flat has been going off every 30 seconds since 3am. The owner is away and I was only able to sleep by putting on my ear defenders. If I were to break into it (using my ice axe or a hammer) what should I disconnect or damage to turn the alarm off?
  2. use your head
  3. Tow it to Liverpool. Somebody else will do it for you within a few minutes.
  4. Classic squaddy, Chuck an old spark plug through his windscreen, as this is covered by insurance, call the plod, saying you think there was an atempt to steel it, then it's there prob. job done

    Oh yer dont get court
  5. You dont need an entire spark plug, just a small piece of the porcelaine from one, about as big as your little finger nail.
    Walk past the car and flick the porcelaine piece firmly at the side window as you walk past.
    Alternatively, you could just use a straightened wire coat hanger with a loop at one end.
  6. how old is the vehicle? if it was built in the last 10-15 years the coathanger thing is unlikely to work.
  7. Knock the window in, open the bonnet and disconnect the battery. Instant alarm failure. Then remove any valuable from the car and make it look trashed.

    When he gets back, tell him some kids broke into his car but got scared off, you took the valuables out for safe keeping and disconnected his battery to keep the battery from going flat and to give all the neighbours some peace.
  8. True Skicarver, i wasn't thinking of the cars age, although if you position the wire correctly it still can be done even on new cars.
    Suppose an entire can of expanding foam squirted up from under the car might muffle the row at least :)
  9. My pal the plod tells me that there is usually a battery hidden somewhere on a decent alarm, so picking it up and taking it away is the solution. Some of the councils have pretty decent enforcement on this, but the trick is to phone early rather than hoping that the pri*k will come back before midnight.
  10. many cars have latch rod protectors and protectors around the latch itself which preclude any possibility of using a coathanger to open the car. Also, the deadlocks on many vehicles prevent this mode of attack.

    jap (grey) imports tend not to have these features if that helps.
  11. Okay this one worked for my friend - smash side window - open door - take tax disc - ring council tell them about the annoying car they won`t be interested till you state it has no tax disc. They turned up 10 minutes later and towed the vehicle.
  12. Luv it!! :D
  13. If you live in chav ville petrol add match job done
  14. I've just got back from rugby (we won 31-5) and the car alarm is now silent. I stuck a sign on it this morning which read:

    To the owner:

    This car alarm has been sounding since 3am this morining. If this does not stop I will break into the car and stop it myself.

    You have been warned!!!!!

    Everything is now quiet.

    Peace at last!
  15. could always spray expanding foam up the exhaust anyway to get own back