How do you attach a bayonet frog to an assault vest?????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by evo7scotsman, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. I have just got myself a webtex assault vest and was wondering if anyone has any idea how to attach an sa80 bayonet frog to it??
  2. Just put ur bayonet in ur day sack or zip pouch
    Gone are the days for drawing swords
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Do they issue bayonets to the cadets ?
  4. I believe the vouge for those that really want to keep their bayonet handy is to push the scabard into the space found behind one of the larger pouches then fix it in place with a handy zip tie for that 'just bodged' look.

    Of course day sack or pouch is also a good suggestion, unless you are due to join the thin red line in fuzzy wuzzy land, running down swarms of pigmys carrying nothing more dangerous than some mixed fruit.
  5. Which assault vest are you talking about? Their original Classic cheap version or their new IRR friendly Combat Vest, which is a million times better than its predecessor.
  6. now thats a good idea, and give them inflatable dingys as well and get them paddling around the lakes,
  7. Stick the frog to the webbing with the bayonet?
  8. Cadets!! pah!! im in the ta!! :D
    as far as i know its the new one, has even been to iraq on tour and its still in good condition!!
  9. Tell that to PWRR!

    Having said that, the sartorial attachment of your bayonet scabbard to a chest rig / assault vest would just make it difficult to use the wire cutters, and end up making you look like a walting saddo. :D
  10. "as far as i know its the new one, has even been to iraq on tour and its still in good condition!! "

    Has it got a water bladder pouch integrated into the backof the vest?
  11. no it doesnt, does that mean its old/new?
  12. i forgot the quotes on my last, The differance between the two current vest's is the following

    Classic Vest - Cheaper and without Water bladder in rear of vest - The original version

    Combat Vest - More expensive and with an integrated water bladder holder, it also claims tobe IRR friendly

  13. I was waiting for that so had this response prepared. Do you honestly think it went from

    "Doopdee doo I'm on patrol" to "DIE BY MY SHARP PIECE YOU CHOGGI SCUM" in an instant. Nope They were briefed up on what was coming and like always have some time to prepare. Go in day sack grab spare ammo and Bayonet. Ask Figian if he wants to become the Section grenadier. That kind of thing.

    Before you tell me otherwise I have that on good authority from two very reliable sources! Apparently there was a prominent lull!
  14. If you say so mate, and I don't really disagree with your point, however just think how embarrassed Pte Atkins would have been if his daysack (mit pigsticker) was out of the way in the wagon that had just f*cked off in the opposite direction when Sgt Bloodthirsty ordered "Fix bayonets". I'm not an infantryman, so on ops, my bayonet has usually been in a rocket pouch or daysack as you suggest. An infantryman's far more likely to need his bayonet at little to no notice than me(hopefully), so I would suggest it would be a good idea to keep it with his CEFO or equivalent.

    Your comment "Gone are the days of drawing swords" seems to be slightly wide of the mark either way, as a bayonet charge WAS carried out. Damned effectively by all accounts too!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    My bold.

    Damn good choice of words there TKM.

    Thatchreed/Webtex/Viper have claimed that their kit is now IRR - however when subjected to IR illuminators they light up like Blackpool Tower.
    Perhaps they thought no-one would check...

    Actually Webtex is damaging the industry quite heavily.
    A very large number of retailers have cut down on the amount of real webbing they purchase from reputable manufacturers because of the low prices/high markup offered by this low grade kit.
    Ultimately this could lead to many (most ?) of the proper manufacturers going bust, thus reducing the amount of quality webbing available to us.

    Saving a bit of dosh on cheap kit might well turn out to be a false economy.