How do you address Christmas cards to Officers & NCOs

My Wife wishes to send Christmas cards to several senior & junior Officers and NCO's, what is the term of address on the envelope (bearing in mind the cards are aimed at the Officer/NCO and their partners.

Would an exmaple be:
Mr & Mrs. Colonel x
Mr & Mrs. Captain x
Mr & Mrs. Sgt.Major x

I haven't a clue on this one & hope someone can help.
Rank & Mrs [His initials] [Surname]..... if you wish to be formal and - in truth - polite i.e. Major & Mrs AB Cooper.

Or take the view that your good lady is a civilian and let her address them on a first name basis if they have been introduced and would normally use that convention if she weren't married to you i.e. 'Andy and Joan Cooper' or even 'Andy and Joan'. Another winning strategy is to address the card to the wife/partner and just include the other half in the greetings contained inside.
The ones I've seen are always

Rank and Mrs J. Xxxx

It would make sense that this is correct but it may not be.
How about,

"Money's scarce, and times are hard,
Here's yer f***ing Christmas card!"
Interloping on here - apologies.

Having been on the receiving end of these from the rank of LCpl to WO1 and from single to married accompanied and I have the following (personal I might add) comments:

Wives (mine anyway) prefer to be addressed by their first names or Mrs, they do not have a rank and their husband's is generally not relevant to them.

If your wife knows the wife (and soldier or officer) personally then first names would be appreciated without the need for rank

If you are the CO's wife, then soldiers (unfortunately) do not generally regard your Christmas greeting as genuine but something that 'one does'. Most prefer the visit from CO and RSM with 'gunfire' although the modern soldier may argue - especially if he's been out on the town the night previously.

I cannot comment on the above for Officers.

The accepted norm, however, is that of Rank, Initials (his usually) and Mrs Another.

Hope this helps from the other side of the tracks.
have a good un
you brown nosing c~nt
love Pte *******
Good one BS, and the sentiment should be what counts most, but I doubt the envelope would arrive with just 'Happy Christmas' on the front and the Post Room, if they still exist, would have a (full) pidgeon hole marked (ANK - Happy Christmas?)

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