How do YOU address a Clerk of Works?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. While following some links on another thread, I came across this:
    On a different page on the same site:
    Is this true? Did you ever (or have you seen somebody else) walk up to a WO2 Clk Wks and address him as anything other than Q or Sir, according to the relative rank? (Note: "walk up to" - behind the back references don't count :D ).

    If I can get some official confirmation (ARRSE is sufficiently official for my purposes), there'll be some changes in my unit's current practices. :twisted:
  2. What about ' you cnut'

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  5. Boy, sprog, son etc used to work for me
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  7. I did read the instructions so again i repeat.

    You Cnut and many other expletives i have called them and yes at them, not behind their back.

  8. My fault, as I didn't read the quotes correctly - missed the "(or Q)" bit. But it still leaves the WO1 puzzle. I've come across a lot of WO1s that will insist that they're not Sergeant Majors when addressed as such by non-sappers, yet the quotes show that this, with the Clk Wks prefix, is actually the correct address.

    Now, I can handle the use of terms such as RSM Black or GSM White, but how are you supposed to pronounce the abbreviation Clk Wks SM? (if it's true that "WO1s are only ever referred to using their full appointment or its abbreviation"). According to the quote "Mister Green" would be wrong.

    Stand back for Round 2....
  9. The problem here is that the articles/quotes you are using come from the Wordiq website, which inturn sources a lot of its material from the Wiki encyclopedia website which almost anybody can change or update.

    As for this particular problem "Warrant Officers Class 2 hold the appointment of Clerk of Works Quartermaster Sergeant and Warrant Officers Class 1 hold the appointment of Clerk of Works Sergeant Major" refer to the system in the Royal Canadian Engineers if my memory serves me correctly.

    As for the other problems, in the Corp WO2 Clerk of Works cannot be referred to as QMSI or Q as they have not completed a QMSI course and should be either referred to either by their rank or 'Sir'. What normally happens is the 'Q' honourific is used as it easier to say and stops the word 'Sir' sticking in your average guys throat.

    Similar case with WO1 Clerk of works. They should either be referred to by either their rank or simply 'Mr.......'.

    Basically it boils down to sum cnut not knowing his siht and amending Wiki, thus causing the problem on WordIQ.
  10. While this sounds plausible, the Canadians use the term "Construction Engineering Superintendent" instead of Clerk of Works (C)
    and have Chief Warrant Officers, rather than WO1s. I can't help thinking that Wiki must have had an authoritative source for the original entry, even if that's now obsolete.

    Now that it becomes clear that WO2 Clk Wks shouldn't be addressed as "Q", can we expect a spate of them being addressed as "CW," perhaps even further shortened as "Dubya"? :twisted:
  11. But not to be confused with the US CWO ranks :!:
  12. Certainly not! The Canadian Warrant Officers step up from SSgt (IIRC, and I will check). The position of US Warrant Officers is better explained here:

    edited following checking:

    I'm slightly out. Similar structure as British Army, but different terminology. Progression from Sgt to Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer to Chief Warrant Officer, so their WO would equate to our SSgt.
  13. As shown in the attached table:
  14. For cross NATO country rank equivalency check out STANAG 2116.
  15. Through the scope of an high powered rifle.
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