how do u appeal against defferal?

Need more info mate, what job were you deffered from and on what grounds. Psychiatric/medical injury??? were you deffered for good or for a period of time??. At a guess I would assume that its something on your med records that hasn't gone down well at the RSC. If you think that it's a genuine mistake and that there is no reason that you should be deferred, then my advice would be to wrtie a letter of appeal, backed up by your G.P and see what happens. The more info you provide, the more good advice/information the good folks on this board can provide for you.
sorry yer i was a bit vague.

i was deffered in october when i applyed because i had been given some inhalers in august 2003. i still have the inhalers in a box and they were never used.

i have had lung tests to show i dont suffer rom asthma anymore and i have above average lung function for my age and height.

i am just wondering how to write up an appeal letter. my AFCO have been crap, they have hardly helped me and im a bit pssed off but what can you do.

so just a little help please guys, im a fit lad train 5 times a week and play rugby at national level. so i dont suffer at all and i think i will be more than capable in the army, its just this one stumbling block.
Bizarre. You play rugby at national level so you want to give up the life of Tindall in exchange for an unappreciative PTI with groin burn?

Were you deferred by the RSC pre or post medical?
Didn't the appeal letter say you only had to be 3 years clear of your last asthma attack? If so you shouldn't have to wait too long according to your last post in all honesty.....

Alternatively if your AFCO isn't helping you out (I run an ACF det and know how arrsey some of the AFCO staff can be) and the referral letter said otherwise then you will have to go to other means to get the information you need:

Online AFCO staff were incredibly helpful answering the questions my local AFCO were reluctant to listen to.

Contact the general recruiting phone number (don't know it off hand but sure you can find it with a bit of digging.)

Complain about the treatment you are receiving from your AFCO- you won't be in their favourite potential recruit books but what the hey, your future career is more important.

There are military doctors in the professionally qualified area of ARRSE, try your post or a similiar one in there...

Good luck :)
the letter said i cant apply until 2007 but i know i can pass the test and i have never had an athma attack all my life.

thanks for your post about the AFCO mate i know they are lazy i reckon. but yer i will ring the national number. do you know where i should post to get in touch with the army doctors. im sure theyve seen this thing happen over and over.

thanks for everyones help guys really appreciate it.
Go to the forum index and post your topic here...: Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC.

Ensure you appeal, I wish you luck with it, but remember your apealing against the Government's own policy. If you do have to wait till 2007 just make the most of it.
the thing is though everyone i have spoke to have said appeal, but how do i do it lol i mean literally, because the AFCO wont give me any guidance
You need to direct your letter of appeal to the Senior medical officer/doctor at the RSC that dealt with your medical application. Like I said before, getting your G.P to back you up with an accompanying letter is definately worthwhile. If you have had some kind of test carried out then include them as evidence to support your appeal. At the end of the day they haven't said that you cant join full stop so take heart from that. Its a real kick in the teeth but if they say 'NO' again then use the time until your next application constructively. f you need any more help/advice then its definately a good idea to go and talk to an online carrers advisor at Best of luck.

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