How do they do it????

Discussion in 'Photography' started by PrinceAlbert, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. For those of you you aren't aware. I proposed to Country Gal last night, over a fish and chips supper....and the lucky lady she say "yes"! I believe this will be the 3rd ARRSE wedding, after TLF v Chubb, and Joker v KP if I'm not mistaken?

    Anyhow, so I took the blushing bride to be into Hartley Whitney for a coffee and a chat this morning, to try and get some life plans laid down for our future. Y'know dogs, kids, sexual positions etc.

    Whilst taking in a scenic drive I figured I'd take in a few houses that are for sale in the local area, after seeing one that caught my eye on Rightmove.

    CG and myself skipped hand in hand out of the showroom, armed with the brochures, and nipped round to take a gander at our potential future love-nest.

    Aaaaaand how disappointed were we?!?! The photos on Rightmove make the place look huge, but in reality it was very small. Much smaller than the place I'm already living in! How do they make the rooms look like that? The photos are straight, so I'm assuming no fish-eye lense is used??

    Have a gander at the photos, and see what you reckon:



  2. Wine glass/tumblers, lower left middle pic, are distorted so I call fisheye but doctored- or is that vetted?
  3. It's sometimes easy to tell if they've used a very wide angle lens as the walls often taper away at funny angles. They have done a good job with those photos though as the rooms do look quite big!

    We've moved 15 times in the last 22 years - and not into SFA - and we've learnt to view house photos with some scepticism. My wife is very good at sorting the reality of a photo from the BS, but being a bloke I tend to be easily fooled -- "look! Shiny thing!" ...

    Congratulations by the way, and every happiness for the future. I bricked up the basement of your last place really well, so it'll be decades before they find the former Mrs P-A!!!
  4. Can't answer your question (that would appear to be CG's speciality, congrats) but these were clearly taken by the same crafty sods who do hotel swimming pools for websites. All look like you'd need GPS to find the far end, while actually being about the size of yer average bidet.

  5. No you are correct, a wide angle 10mm will give an impression of large space, by using photoshop they can change the perspective and also any lens issues. therefore giving you an impression of a massive room. Also they dress the rooms with 3/4 size furniture again giving an impression of space.
  6. I figured some sort of fish-eye, but I'd expect more curves.
  7. **** that were more interested in photies of country gal.
  8. Cheers buddy. I'm sure we'll be very happy :)

    The old bill in Wales have just arrested some poor bloke called it's looking good!
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  9. I'll put them up later.
  10. If a TV advert misleads viewers by exaggerating a claim or the size of something, the Advertising Standards Authority would be all over them. How are they allowed to get away with this deception?
  11. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    As Archer says, probably a very wide angle lens - probably not quite fisheye but close. Look at the rear legs of the chair on the left in the first picture, they are stretched back towards the corner of the image.

    They probably also have a bit of touch up, the light looks a bit too perfect for a simple flash taken image.

  12. To be fair, most houses on Rightmove come with a floorplan with detailed measurements. So they're technically not deceiving anyone.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You are dead to me. ******* dead. Do not bother with your poxy weak excuses. Dead. And I thought we had something special?

    Posh Bird does some spooky Secret Shopper bollocks. And a few years ago she pretended our gaff was on the market to catch out some estate agent scammer. Which it did. The pics came back. One was of a 6mtr x 6mtr side room. It looked like you could host a rave in there and they had managed to get both windows in the frame. Do not ask me how they did it.

    So, Country Girl. Come with much land does she?
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  14. What about the pictures of CG? :)
  15. Don't be like that xxx

    You'll always have a special place in my heart. Until I take the Gaviscon :)
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