How do the self-employed get paid on Tour?

Thanks for that.

Question a bit deep for you, I suppose.


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Just send an invoice, you know "Work Done/Number of Hours/Rate/VAT No." it'll be fine....

Should I **** off to the Naafi now?


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You get paid at the rank you hold unless you earn more in civvy street in which case they match it. You need to prove this. Don't know how many pay slips it requires.
Thought you did it with your previous P60?


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I should know, but I don't.


To be granted a Reservist Award you need proof of earnings. Most self-employed bods will not of course have P60s etc., so taking along the last few Tax Returns seemed to suffice. Be advised that this may have altered in the last couple of years so you may want to contact RTMC directly and ask their G1.
Surely you'd get earnings paid into your personnel account. I load mine up from coy account before I go away but would use Internet to move cash if needed.
You contracting now?
Give Sabre a ring on 0800 389 5459

This is from their FAQs:

Yes, you can claim for any difference between your service pay and earnings from your business up to a cap.

You are also entitled to claim as an an employer, if you needed to recruit someone to replace your role in your business while you are mobilised for example. This is also subject to a cap. When you return from mobilisation, if skills you need to be able to return to your role have lapsed as a result of your mobilisation, you may be able to claim for the cost of re-training.
Generally speaking you're swapping one job for another so all the allowances/benefits available to an employer are not available to you. Generally not an issue unless you are hiring someone to cover for all or part of your job whilst your away. At one time there were elements of re-training grants that were available ask someone other than your PSI to point you at the right part of Glasgow. That aside it's all pretty straight forward.

You are not the first self employed person to go through the system, so whilst you may feel rather special the system might not regard you in the same light.
Simple you have to prove your earnings.

Your accountant can produce a letter telling them what you earn and what benifits you take etc. You then just need to take tax info and anything relating to tax code etc a proof in the defence of your claim.

Becareful with what you claim though and them may check so simply getting someone to write that you earnt £100000 in the last year will look odd :)

things like petrol and cars if you have that as part of you wage will be taken off too as thats a perk, one guy got very upset during the last visit to chilwell as his £10000 car allowance was written off so he got paid less :)

The simple answer is its all down to you to prove what you earn, if its lower than your rank pay you'll get paid the pay for your rank, if it higher then you'll get the award.
As said, prove your earnings for the year previous. Don't forget to include your TA pay for the previous year as that is counted as earnings :)
So will you if you wear those illegal stripes again.

Anyway, sounds like a whole lotta guessing going on; I've only been self-employed for 8 months or so at the mo, so no accounts.

Will check in while, off on a course tonight.

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