How do the mucky trades deal with looking after their boots now.

Discussion in 'REME' started by AsterixTG, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Back in the day when we had the old Boots Combat High, we (VMs) used to have one pair that was for working and another for smart.

    The working pair would normally be soaked in whatever fluids you happen to be working with that day, you could never get a shine on them but they were pretty much waterproof because of it. How does it work with the new issue boots that are far more 'tech' based? They must get ruined.
  2. All REME are now issued DPM Ugg boots for workshops
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  3. That would explain the current crop mincing about.
  4. Some of the lads thought it was acceptable to rock up on Mon morn pde with their dull, split and wrecked boots on. It didn't take long to make them see the error of their ways.

    On a brighter note, new issue boots were panning out the same as the old ones. One pair for booling about in, one pair for best (or at least mon morn pde).
  5. Fair enough - glad they can handle all the goo.
  6. I wear these little numbers, designed by the famous fFrenchman Phillippe Phillopp:

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  7. I wish you'd said sooner. I hate rush jobs.

    PA's Foot.jpg
  8. Funnily enough its a bang up to date problem in Afghan. The boys have just been turned away from the QMs for an exchange of their boots as they are minging from VMing and De-miling vehicles. Kind of understand the stores point of view, essentially they are just dirty but feck knows how the boys are meant to clean them....
  9. seriously, try fullers earth........... used to get all the crap out my mingers.......used to leave them with a redish tinge but they would polish up ok (not bulled up)
  10. No initiative, these young guys.

    2 pairs BCH issued.

    First pair "highly polished" for use with No. 2s. - Not allowed to "bull" BCH but they still had to look like they were.
    Second pair "highly brush polished" for monday morning parades.

    Solution was to purchase two extra pairs. One for working, second as spare pair to stow in exercise (crashout) kit

    The boots were available from quite a few shops but I always preferred to use my nearest outlet, the man at Q&Ms.

    Do you take yellow handbags ?
    That will do nicely, sir.

    Job jobbed.
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  11. Every VM, Mtsm, and a quite a few others would satisfy the Risk Assessment that means they are entitled to PPE Safety Boots. You're not going to win any style or fashion awards but they will stop your toes getting hurt when you drop the 3/4" ratchet on them. Also as PPE you can't be billed if you loose them or they get trashed.
  12. Remember been on guard once at 26 Regt RA, stood next to my mate larry lamb who was a cockney gunfighter, the ord offr commented how our boots were not as shiny as the gun bunnies with us. "where's your best boots Cfn Lamb?" "I don't really have any best ones sir, these are my diesel boots" "diesel boots??, whatever do u mean?" "Diesel Do"

    The whole guard mount, including the ord sgt and ord offr nearly fell about laughing! Quality
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  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not being funny but the excuse that you can't get a layer of polish on your boots because of the oils/greases is utter bollox.

    Matelots only get one pair of steaming bats (steel toe cap boots) for use onboard, they get covered in all manner of shit including oils, greases, AVCAT, diesel, paint, saltwater, acid, floor polish and....Er....shit (if you are a stoker).

    Even the mankiest toilet technician marine engineer still manages to make them look presentable when required. Granted you don't wear them with your 1s but they'll still take a layer of shine.
  14. You are so right, it is exactly what we did in the old days, never had a problem with any parades.
  15. Do get real.
    Of course they will take a shine given enough time and work.
    Working through the night, fixing the fault at 04:30 in the morning, travelling back to camp and travelling back out to the range at 06:00 after wash, shave, breakfast did not allow time to clean boots etc.
    Therefor in some cases, the faults were not fixed until just after the first-parade on the range.