How do the Army check Body fat%at ADSC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Billboard, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Is it by calipers? Or measurements?
  2. No, it's generally chins or bellies. Any more than one of each is a reliable indication that you're a fat c*nt.
  3. If you're wearing calipers, I'd say being fat is the least of your problems.

    Metal mickey.
  4. Dunno but I know most gyms/hospitals use electrical impedance stuff so maybe its a combination of several methods. Really dunno
  5. They chop you in half (through your waistline) using dental floss and use a piece of string with knots tied in at 25.4mm intervals. They count the knots and perform some sort of calulatory jiggery pokery using an abacus and runestones.

    Then multiply by 100.

    *Note* If you squirm during the chopping process you have to join the RAF...Likewise if you're fat.
  6. Well. That settles that then. He doesn't know.
  7. Why answer then?


    yes i am in a stroppy mood today.
  8. Because, I know exactly what they use hospital/gym wise and even tho i dont know the Army's preferred method its seemed worth posting. Considering nobody else bothered to try and answer in a helpful manner
  9. Try reading the ADSC thread or even doing a search. This topic has been covered many times.

    Billboard stop asking bone questions.
Thread Status:
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