How do the ACF/CCF aquire kit

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. I understand that the Army provides kit to these detachments/Contingents. But what is the process. BTW. I understand that I am opening up to a massive forum with "we get shit". But someone must know the process.
  2. When I ran a det, I made friends with all the local unit QM's, thats RM, and Army / TA / OTC. - Then I made sure that we at Cadets got the pic of any items that were being go rid of.

    Make sure you also get in touch with your local County Unit / Badged unit - as they will normally do all they can to help.

    Another option, is to speak to the Royal Signals - as they will happliy let you have loads of kit, if you are interested in becoming a Signals Det.

    Of course 99% of the above routes to kit and equipment were never the routes that you were "suppose to take" I belive that you speak to your CAA, he / she then speaks to a local unit, and depending on how the local unit likes the CAA, will depend on what you get your hands on.

    With PECOC about to come in (ish) there should be lots of S95 / PLCE available in most units?
  3. I heard that CCFs get issued stuff. That can't be right............ Can it?
  4. My ACF County HQ has its very own NRPS style QM complete with stores of nasty, ill fitting kit and issue them as necessary. Cadets are issued pretty much the same articles of S95 clothing as your 'first issue' TA kit (they even get bloody microfibre t-shirts!) except for boots which they need to buy themselves. PLCE is issued on 1033's (or whatever it is) as necessary from the det for trg w/e's etc.
  5. My understanding of the CCF system is that each contingent gets an annual allotment of kit that's been handed off, be it No 2s, '95s, webbing etc, and that quota has something to do with the number of cadets that parade on a regular basis. When I was in CCF, I got boots issued too, but perhaps my intake were lucky in that respect.
  6. CCFs have an entitlement to one set of CS95 (by which I mean field jacket (mostly the old ones, but some hooded windproofs now), shirt, trousers) plus beret and capbadge. Other kit has to be indented for as required.

    At mine, Norwegians, smoking jackets, crisp packets, bergens, webbing are all held centrally and issued on 1033 as required. Boot are down to the individual, although the SSI is trying to get hold of some CABs.

    In addition there's a fair bit of stuff procured by the ancient method of knowing a bloke who knows a bloke in the know.
  7. I do wish someone would convince the MOD to have some smaller S95 'shirts' made, most of them make 12 year old cadets look like a DPM flying fox.
  8. Apologies as this is off topic and may have been done before but reading about differences in ACF/CCF kit made me wonder what's the point in having two separate organisations. If this has been done to death before feel free to ignore!
  9. I think there's a lot to be said for either merging them or fostering closer links between contingents. I also think there'd be a lot of opposition from people in duplicated jobs who would end up redundant.
  10. I must admit I don't quite get the idea of having the CCF as a separate entity, except maybe because parents don't want mummies little boy associating with the rabble that is the ACF ;) I've yet to be impressed with a CCF cadet, but I'm told that there are some very good CCF contingents.

    What would bother me is the way that CCF often seems to be a compulsory attendance at public schools, and I wouldn't want a cadet in my detachment who didn't want to be there. I've had cadets being forced to attend my ACF detachment because their middle-class parents thought it 'character building' as they were essentially embarrassed at their kids utter lack of backbone, it was very hard work working with these lads as they couldn't be arrsed and didn't want to be there.
  11. You fcuking bet there are ;)

    The best contingent don't make it compulsory. I know of a few around who do; they tend to have the problems you mention.
  12. Mostly, the difference is CCF = school based, ACF = community based. CCF Officer = teacher appointed to a commission, others = School Staff Instructor, all employed by, and anwering to, head teacher.
    ACF officer = TA Lst B commission after AOSB, others = volunteer, appointed adult instructor by Reserve Forces and Cadet Association.

    Problem with close cooperation is school dates & times.
  13. Also ACF = Army Cadet Force
    CCF = Combined Cadet Force ie can contain Army Navy and Crab sections
  14. CCF officers hold a TA Cat B commission in the Army sections, RAF VRT commission in the RAF and are appointed as officers in the Naval section.