How do Pensions for ex-rankers work?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheCheerfulSubbie, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Just after a spot of advice. Basically, I joined the Army in 1995, getting to Cpl before deciding that I wanted to go to Sandhurst. I commissioned in 2004 and am now approaching the end of my SSC. I'm trying to find out how my pension (if any) will be calculated.

    After a lot of sucking in of air at the RAO's, I'm lead to believe I will either get:

    a) The very small pension SSC officers get after 3 years.
    b) A proportion of my soldier’s pension added to my small SSC pension.
    c) The same pension I would have got after 13 years officer service.
    d) Sod all.

    The problem is, no-one with an AGC cap badge seems to know. So, mighty ARRSErs, I bow to your wisdom and knowledge.... Any help is gratefully received - as are job offers. :D

  2. I know you are now Sigs, but were you before?

    If you were I might know you.
  3. I'll hazard a guess that, provided you remained on the 75 pension, you will receive 13 year's service at the highest rank you achieved, provided that was after the age of 21.

    If you haven't served long enough (16 yrs) to earn an immediate pension, it will be paid at 60, I think.....?

    Find a UNICOM terminal. That should still have the data on it.

  4. Do we still have them?
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  6. Chaps, many thanks for the info.