How do Infantry view oher capbadges ?

Just a quick one people, just wondered in my drunken stupor how the infantry view capbadges such as R.L.C. , R.E.M.E. , R.A.C. etc...

I know as a V.M. I have the upmost respect for you guys and although the army preaches Soldier first I wondered what your experiences of other badges on tours was like.

Obviously I am expecting the usual wit and humour but any genuine responses would be good.
They all have jobs that are important to operational effectiveness. I just don't really see why anyone would want to be a soldier and not do 'soldiering' so to speak. I suppose some people want trades or they actually enjoy building bridges or driving big trucks all day. The infantry would be truly fcuked without the logistical support we receive just as Napoleon and Hilter found out to their peril. I suppose they take just as much pride in what they do then us gravel bellies do.
From my experiences it varies - The RE are well regarded as they operate up with the Inf; their drills are spot on and they do an excellent job - the RLC have a few good Sqn's, EOD/ATO, petroleum uniots operating FARPs are good, as are ammo resup, but it goes downhill from there. The AGC are a mixed bag and not much cop apart from some of the cooks. The RA are pretty good, the OP parties are highly skilled and professional. Cav/Tankies can be a bit tempremental, they get stuck in but you nmever hear the last of it (a bit like Para's - Fallbloke will vouch for that! :wink: )
Is there any other cap badges besides inf?


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Maybe depends on what they are doing relates to how infantry view them. Watching AGC do contact drills can be quite amusing. On the other hand, watching the average infantry squaddie figure out a pay slip can be entertaining too...

Yes yes so i spelt it wrong!! smartarse!
That said I don't even think that the AGC know how to work out a pay slip. I'm sure they were invented by a sadistic bastard who thought that if he confused the employee on the pay slip he could easily short change them.
How do the inf view other capbadges? Depends if they're being honest or in a bad mood :) Or, how much they feel they need them...
Generally they think well of them, I think it would be fair to say. Even after living in a hole in the ground for a week I still wouldn't want to be a cook or recy mech - looks too much like hard work. Don't those guys ever sleep? 24 hours after Endex and the REME are still dragging skips, sorry I mean 432s, back in off the area.
I think the only ones I didn't have a high regard for were movers...
I think it depends if they need you or not!! I quote '..from lips that have not drunk all day, "The guns, thank God! The Guns!"'
yeah, forgot about REME - bloody hardworking bunch - mind you, they never stop reminding you! :wink:
.............................."through a glass, darkly".
That is interesting, every unit has its own home grown signallers, so would like to see the responce!

Also if the Infantry use their own radio men, and the REME's fix the radios, what do the Bleeps do?

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