how do i

How would I go about informing my employer that I have applied to the TA?

Do i just ask for a meeting and let them know? I am just curious as I would like to inform them but unsure of the best way to do it.

All help is appreciated.


Hopefully I have returned the favour. If your in the TA and have been accepted, just tell him. Also follow this link:

It give you an overview of your rights and the rights of your employer. He/she is/maybe entitled to financial compensation in the event that you are deployed.

For more detailed info read the Reserve Forces Act 1996, which caters for ex regular and voluteer forces.
to be fair, i would not tell them until you are through the recruits training process. If you work for a large company they tend not to be to bothered, if its for a small firm they may get the hump, this is the problem with civ employers - they hear TA and therefore think Iraq or Afgan as a knee jerk reaction and they think they will lose you for 12 months and as a result they get twitchy..

Best keep quiet until your in. then you have to tell them under the RFA act.. i think.


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Your unit will inform your employer once you've completed CMSR.
Taylor's employer may get official notification, I just took the view perhaps incorrectly, that he wanted to be up front about it and be honest with the 'hand that feeds' him.

You know your boss mate, it's your call.
Been in the TA for a while now, always told my employers bar one that I was in the ta

By and large the reaction is "Oh thats nice, do yuo get to have a gun/blow things up/drive a tank"

Usually there is no interest
my job is an ICT specialist aswell as the head of an ICT department for a school. I basically buy, fix, make all the computers for the school, and advise the teachers on upgrades / software issues etc etc.

The school employs me, but I am seriously baffled as to how they would view this.

*edit* - I would like to be upfront but whats the best approach. Sorry I should have been more specific.

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