How do I......

Change the order of posts so that the newest appears at the top, rather than the oldest? (Viewing on an iPad, using Chrome).

I've looked in settings etc, but can't find anything relevant.

If you are in Forums, the Filter button will be on top of the right corner of the thread column. ^

That would be "this" column, 2/3 width of the page, with all the posts in it. But the filter selection goes away depending on where you are. Obviously it isn't needed in individual threads. You could alternatively just hit "What's New" and scroll through that list (there is also a "Latest Activity" option in "What's New" all the way over to the right.

Choice. Choice?
Thanks AY...... But years of venerial disease and drinking meths seem to have betrayed me.... where's the filter button?
Here is a screenshot


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