How do I type in a circle ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ViolentBadger, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. OK Folks, sad git that I am I collect ammo and record the headstamp and info by hand onto the sheets of paper, as you can see it's not the neatest way. So what programme will let me type the headstamp details in around the headstamp ?

    I have over 2 thousand rds/headstamps to catalogue (all inert )

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  2. Microsoft word has ''word art' which can do this for you.

    edited to add select the 'insert' tab, picture, Wordart.
  3. VB

    Probably best to use Word Art which is part of your basic word package. Need any more advice get back to me.
  4. VB

    Probably best to use Word Art which is part of your basic word package. Need any more advice get back to me.
  5. You could always take up a less time consuming hobby, such as masturbation.
  6. Buy one of these......then simply walk around the room, typing normally.

  7. Right I've had a quick look at wordart and I'm finding that it distorts the text around the central point, also I can't drop the text onto the headstamp drawing as it's not transparent which means I'd have to draw the blank headstamp (in word) each time and then position the word art text over the drawing.

    I'm probably being a mong and missing the obvious .....
  8. ..walking round the room typing with one hand and masterbating with the other ?
  9. Most graphics packages will let you curve text around a line, be it a squgly line your draw, or a circle. Not sure if you can get hold of Paintshop Pro as shareware anymore, but that does the job
  10. A real man can combine masturbating with anything...driving...skiing...COs Orders :D

  11. True...but how do I type in circles....
  12. This might be a mong response, but could you not use a single page for each blank casing template, then rotate the page around its central axis, letter by letter. Then, minimize the saved file and finally cut'n'paste them altogther in neat rows, as above. Labour intensive, I know...
  13. Bugger - could someone let me know how to do an attachment as in VB's as mine obviously didn’t work – cheers in advance.
  14. I downloaded your doc file. The problem I have is placing the text inside the blank headstamp. I've attached a blank headstamp doc if anyone can get text into it....

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