How do I sort pay problem?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Its xmas and RAO are going to pay me short,( pattern forming here).

    I had to fly abroad for a job and had to stay in a hotel I asked for a advance of pay which i recieved. As soon as i got back to UK i had to hand over all my reciepts and paperwork. The WO1 who took them of me has just told me that after 3 months he has lost the originals and form. Yes I know it would be a good idea to keep copies.

    The WO1 has told me he will be recouping the money back out of my November pay, Which is a substantial amount unless I contact the places I was at and get copies. The country I stayed at wont acknowledge me with reciepts.

    So myself and the missus and the dog are going to short this xmas (again). All because a WO1 has fu88ed up and needs to balance his books. So i have lost the original sum plus my expenses whilst on a official job. I am not a happy man how am I going to get out of this sticky mess?

    Any offers, (RAO sponsored by farepack?)

    My grievance is loss of pay over the Xmas period due to someone elses incompetence.

    Being made to scrounge for reciepts from a foreign country knowing full well that they use National security as a get out.

    The WO1 should step up to the line make a statement and not deduct my wages. If he has I want the lump sum cash in hand within seven days.

    One furious Armadillo, :evil:
  2. That sounds pants mate.

    Best advice would be to speak to your boss (OC) and get him to try and fight your corner. I gather you aint on par, rank wise to the WO1? So best let your boss do what he is paid to do.
  3. If your OC cant help try the CO, at WO1 level he should not be making those mistakes.
  4. Too right, this clown should admit his fault so that something can be worked out... HE lost the form not you, so HE should take the blame and take responsibility for his own actions/inactions.

    How did he lose the forms in the first place? Does that mean that forms with your details and details of a trip are now floating about the place?

    If he is being such an arrse get the big guns out and nail him to the wall.
  5. Did you pay for the hotel on a credit card? If so, you can use the credit card statement as some form of receipt. The reference for the payments on the credit card statement also make it easier for the hotel to track down their original statement/receipt.

    Sounds like it's worth a try.

  6. Based on my own recent experiences-you might be able to self Certify

    We submitted a signed statement to the effect that we spent or exceeded our allowances of £xxx during our stay (dates) in (place). Our pay blerk said this was enough and meant he could file our receipts without doing the calcs.

    Also bear in mind that YOU have followed correct procedure and there is a fixed sum that can be deducted from you in any month.

    It is time the Army realised that many of the practises that were common when a WO1 was a young clerk are now no longer permitted by either pay regs or the Law

    Good luck
  7. Can any SPS blerks help me out here? We all hear of things like this but is anyone actually held to account? If one of my VM's buggered up like this on a vehicle inspection and someone got injured or even killed then that lad would be hung out to dry!!

    Basically, will the bloke above even get an apology never mind reimbursement?
  8. I am going to get a credit card for foreign travel, Army service is based on trust and values. I thought the more senior you became the more you hold up those values, been proved wrong.

    This WO1 is going to get both barrels on Monday. I have had enough of this.

    A xmas at home is a rareity for me without having to spit out sand from my Turkey. Mrs A is going to have a damn good xmas regardless of some bureacratic idiot.

    Thanks for the support guys, nice to know there are soldiers out there whom are not afraid of comradery

    Mr and Mrs Armadillo plus Deefer the hound.
  9. You can try putting in a formal complaint against the wo1 stating all the facts and rough amounts involved. By doing this you let your C of C Know your serious and not trying to blag money. It can put a rocket up the WO1's arrse making him re-asses how helpful he can be just so he doesnt have to explain to the CO his cock up. In my unit these go to the RCMO (regimental careers management officer) and he tries to sort them out before it gets to the CO's in tray. Stick to your guns and dont let them fob you off until youve been reimbersed.

    best of luck
  10. Did you give the paperwork direct to the said WO1 or did it go through your sub unit clerk? if it went through your sub unit clerk they should keep a log of all claims submitted ie: a standard A4 notebook with number rank name claim detail (amount sometimes) and date submitted to RHQ. This is something i personally implement whenever i am posted just to counteract such disputes and loss of money to the lads as there is physical evidence claim was submitted, if so you should be able to self certify as the evidence is there that you submitted the initial claim.

    If you provide more details i will be able to supply you more info to get your money back.
  11. Armadillo,
    As Devexwarrior says the only way may be to to self certify at this stage - is this WO1 admitting he lost the form & receipts - if so there should be no problem getting him to make a written statement to this effect to substantiate your claim. Was your hotel booked via CHBS - if so get on to them they should be able to provide a copy of the booking and may be able to get you a duplicate receipt if all else fails.
  12. Correct, if the WO1 is at fault then you should not suffer. I strongly suspect he is trying to cover his own errors. Not sure of what formation you are in as you mention a WO1 handling this but you should have a RAO equivalent wherever you are. Speak to him/her.
  13. Cheers guys will keep you updated

  14. Failing that borrow a GPMG from the armoury and cut the incompetant ass in half!!

    Won't get your money back but you'll feel a lot better!

    Sorry I can't be more constructive as other have been but having been on the arse end of these types of clerical errors myself I know what it feels like.

    Good luck with it matey
  15. I'm going to make a few assumptions so forgive me if i'm wrong ok?
    You would have been advanced the cash (up to 80%) on an MOD 300 this would then be held as cash for accounting purposes, on your return from overseas you would have then submitted a 1771 with all your reciepts attached to make good this amount.

    You resubmit a new 1771 for the amount required signed by whoever ordered you to go in the first place with a copy of the attachment order or quick note to say why you went. WO1 bloke then writes a note to say he lost original reciepts and jobs a fish ;). You only require the reciepts if called forward for Audit/review by MFPI inspection team anyway (or so I have been led to believe) (if WO1 bloke doesn't play ball bubble him to Bde as it does'nt quite sound right anyway)