How do I shorten a link.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Mar 27, 2008.

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  2. Click on the web page link (6th from left on top row) above the message box. Paste the link into it then place the name 'link' when it asks you what name you want to call it.



    but put a [ at the begining and a ] at the end.
  3. How's about posting piccy's without that big dumb border then ?
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  5. Still no joy, "6th from left top row" has me confused.
  6. trunnion, write your message, then 'preview' your post. Above the box you'll see a little 'globe with wings' button! Press that,apop up box will appear.Paste your link into the box and return, another box will appear where you write what you'd like the link to say ie LINKY...return again and bob's your uncle!
  7. Not sure what the icon is, but it looks like an orange-coloured Olympic Torch.
  8. you need to previewyour message, then press the little 'mountain and sun' box, paste your link into the pop up box and return!!! Sorted!
  9. Hey, bigbird. Why are you previewing the post? :?
  10. cos if i just go to the quick reply box at the bottom of the page ,i don't get all the little icony thangs :(
  11. okay then. lets try shall we?[​IMG]
  12. Fcuk off thats bollox, that is. come back when you know something about computers!
  13. It. doesnt. work!