How do I rumble a PARA Walt?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ralf, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Whats the easiest way to prove if Mr Walt has done P Coy ? Mr Walt wears Para wings but dates of previous time served to present employment does not add up.

    I need positive evidence to rumble Mr Walt good and Propper :threaten:
  2. Just ask him what he thought about the uphill platoon attack at the end of the 20 miler was like.

    Obviously there isn't one which is one way to catch him out I suppose, however I'm sure Sandy will pick up on this thread and give you some better ideas.

  3. Im confused, is this in civi employment?
  4. Negative.......Still in ........Rebadged....Maths does'nt add up !!
  5. Is he LE?
  6. Ask him which platoon he passed out with for a start.
  7. see if he has any pics of him in twos with a stable belt over the top
  8. How many times a day does he call you a "hat"?
  9. Well he is being pretty thick if he thinks he is going to get away with it, plus anyone care to quote QR's on wearing qualification badges not entitled to?
  10. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Some simple questions.
    Plt he passed out with at Depot Para.
    Date of PCoy Course number/ his P coy number
    Date of Basic parachute course.

    Pcau Brize Norton will hold his details.
    The unit he is serving with now will/should have all the courses that he has attended.
  11. Phone up Pegasus Coy in Catterick, give them his reg number and they will do it for you in about 5 mins, if he was not para regt go to his cap badged sponsor unit and do the same, hence you will know whether he has done it or not.
  12. Still

    Are you still in? Lets face it, a lot of us a pretty rubbish at dates and if he is really ex-para your career is shagged if he reports you for discrimination etc.
    On the other hand, what about a photograph of the guy in his passout platoon or regt coy etc.


    (Just be careful with trying to out a current server.....)
  13. If he's ex Para or Para qualified he will have phots of himself with his Maroon Machine on on exercise or ops, I fcuking garantee it.

    "Phone up Pegasus Coy in Catterick, give them his reg number and they will do it for you in about 5 mins "

    I reckon theyll do this no worries. Nothing worse in their eyes (or anyone with their wings for that matter) than someone who claims to be Airborne and isnt. Theyd have the records of the all arms courses too.
  14. Get him to count to 30, if he fails he's legit. Manages to get to 30 without a pause. . . Walt!
  15. This is the quickest way,it will only take 5 mins