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How do I phone my bloke in Kenya?


My bloke bought an Orange Kenya sim card in Kenya.
He can call me but I can't call him - all I get is an engaged tone...doing my head in!
Everyone says that it 00 254 then the number minus the 0 at the front?

Is this right because he reckons its not but doesn't know what the answer is......

anyone help me pls??


Book Reviewer
it should be, to dial a UK mobile from abroad is 0044 7*** *** ***. hmm... tried the international operator? or orange UK ?


Book Reviewer
00 254 (0)xxx xxxx xxxx

You drop the zero in fron to the basic phone number as in (0) above...00 for international 254 Kenya then the mobile number of the sim card without it's zero - should work providing of course he actually in Kenya....


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EX_STAB said:
Follow Schaden's advice. Macguire must have missed the bit about the Kenyan SIM card.
no I didnt- hence why I said it should be when muddysmrs asked if it should be the Kenyan dialling code followed by the mobile number without the first zero. I used a UK mobile number as an example.
Dialling Kenya is very hit and miss - you probably aren't doing anything wrong, it's just the unreliable lines. Keep trying!
Try dialling 0871 999 6363, then putting in the 00254 number. It worked when our lot were out on exercise there, and is cheaper as well (apparently).

Sluggy x
It's not an engaged tone, he's hanging up on you.

He's too busy roaring it up hookers bareback to listen to you bleating on about the snow.

Send him a bluey, at least that way he's got something to wipe himself with when the bog roll runs out.

Hope this helps.
I live in Kenya so am very familiar with how crap the mobile phone service is here. Up Country where he will be most likely is even more crap.

Try dialling +254 then the number without the first zero but stand by to be driven mad.

Yesterday every number I tired to call in kenya was engaged.

You just have to keep on trying. one thing that is worth trying is texting him. They often get through even if you can't

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