How do I make sigs interesting?


I've been tasked with organising my RMAS platoon's MATT revision for Signals. With sigs being the most schlaf-inducing department at Sandhurst, does anyone have any tips on making a couple of interesting revision lessons, to avoid heads-on-desks?


ICS isn't interesting??? Who on earth would entertain such notion.

p.s. try to war it up, contact reports, fire missions etc which has to use other procedures. I suppose try to describe an engagement as a storey


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Used radios to play 'animal mineral vegitable' as an exercise in net control this weekend.
Stuff making it interesting as thats impossible just make the class stand on their heads that way they won't fall asleep!
Tell them the story of a major British battle won or lost due to poor comms...then apply that lesson to what you are teaching. Maybe simulate a modern battle, without comms and dmonstrate the outcome? Come are a bright young thing, no one minds you asking for experience but asking for wow factor? Get awaaaay!


The VP revision we do down in the Falklands (its probably changed now because an officer "commented" that it wasn't serious enough) was mainly a series of videos with a crazed 16 air assault Signals Para running dancing and crawling round in a Santa hat which made it more entertaining than normal ones but then it only lasted 10 minutes so not a chance to doze off by then.

Could get one of you cadets male type to piss next to a rebro (or failing that just one thats receiving) antenna to prove why its a very bad idea, seen someone do that once, great fun

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