How do I lace my boots up, Corporal?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Why, some helpful dullard has created a Wiki page for just that purpose

  2. some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands! I bet he is a joy to go drinking with!
  3. criss crossing laces FFS never happened in my day
  4. Some people got the sack at 1000.
  5. Too ******* right... straight laces, so gurkas don't slot you in the night... thats what its all about...
  6. You heard that story as well eh :D they used to creep up in the night and feel the laces,if they were crossed you were a Jerry and got yer gizzard slit

    well so my uncle Bert told me, so it must be true :D
  7. This is actually a god send for some of us.
    I was put on a show parade at a Phase 2 establishment for having incorrectly laced boots. The very lowest "rung" is supposed to be threaded UNDERNEATH the eyelets, and not over them. Serious matters.
  8. Quite right.

  9. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Funny thing, I saw a chap in a pair of OG lightweights with a para stable belt and t-shirt in a co-op a few months ago. Sad I know but I noticed his laces were criss crossed (and really dirty boots too) and then got an angry "wot the f*** are you looking at?".

    I decided discretion was the better part of valour and smiled and walked past him, but thought it was a tad odd
  10. We were taught to lace them in such a way as a medic could slice straight down the laces and pull the boot off if you were injured. Crossed laces were a no no.
  11. Getting put on a show parade during your training! Whatever next! You might as well kiss your LSGC goodbye now then! I suggest you go round the back of the G10 and beat yourself thoroughly with a pair of NBC boots, whilst shouting at the top of your voice 'I AM A CRAP SOLDIER!'

  12. That sad fucker being one Bravo_Bravo.

    Where did you take the photos? It looks like you've mocked up some kind of WW1 trench in your back garden, made from fence panels and gay cushions.
  13. I was taught straight laces too as a cadet and got the Gurkha boot-lace identification spiel. The teacher who provided it however we were prepared to believe as he had spent three years in India/Burma with 3rd Battn 2GR...
  14. Whats with the random use of a knife/bayonet?

    Surely a blade of grass would have done the trick.
  15. I'd actually argue it should go ABOVE they eyelets, to allow the fastening of the issue gaitor.

    Of course there is no actual way, so it is more likely that the guy who put you on was just a throber who didn't like you.

    I have paraded for years in my ammo boots, and neither boot matches the other.....