How do I go about moving to a field troop?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Whilst sat in Camp Bastion for the last 5 weeks I find myself doing neither Combat Engineering or Sigs.

    I am currently in the resources stream as a G1098 storeman :oops: :cry:

    I know some of the MT lads have gone out into the field Sqns in a field troop. They're troop seniors are differant to mine, so I don't know how to go about to being moved over.

    Some of my friends are fieldies and I speak to them everyday, as they come to the yard to do woodwork, then take it out to the FOBS, and I rather be out and about than looking after a couple of ISO's.

    Not that I want to be a hero or anything but I'd like to put some of my B3 Engineer and OPTAG training into practice.
  2. stating the obvious perhaps but talking and then listening to your bossman! via CoC !
  3. Speak to your boss NT and see if he can square something away for you. Just bear in mind that being misemployed happens all the time in the Corps so you might as well get used to it now.
  4. We all choose our trades. FELLA!
  5. you made your bed..................

    fecking lie in it now.
  6. What trade are you meant to do?

    That job sounds easy, and easy means boring in my vocab ;)
  7. Well NT, one has to question why you arent doing your trade? Are you not trusted enough to work in the Ops Room or out in the field? Unfortunately thats the way the cookie crumbles!!

    I might see you out there soon, oh yeah I doubt it I think I will be spending very little time in Bastion and most of it out on the ground!!
  11. to echo comments above, you choose your trade.

    chin up
  13. I thought you were MT not resspec NT?

    I feel some sympathy for you. BSN is a fuc king sh1thole. I only spent 3 days there in 6 months - stag on fella!
  15. I was MT but I couldn't drive any of the vehicles they had, I can only drive Daff on my FMT. They're going to fam me up on landrover soon. So, because of this I was moved to Resources.

    Exactly, I choose my trade, unfortunatly my trade isn't being used in my Squadron out here, and a lad was injured the last week before he was about to deploy, so I had to take his place on the tour.

    RoyalEngineers - It's not easy, quite difficult to take in all sort of documents and accounts..etc and working 12 hour shifts, and that's good hours on tour.