How do I get to be a Warrior Driver...

I don't know that much about this, but...

If you want to be a Warrior driver and a Gunner (I assume you mean Warrior Gunner not Arty Gunner) the first thing to do would be to join a Regiment/Battalion that was equipped with them. Then, when you are there as a trained Infantryman, ask to be a Warrior crewman. After that you may get a chance you may not, depending on if they need you to be one, and whether you pass the tests.

If you want to be a Warrior driver and a gunner (as in R Arty Gunner) then you would have to go to an Arty unit that is equipped with Warrior, and do the same thing. In this case I would be brave enough to say that to be trained as an OP Ack or Signaller may help your chances in this goal.
Sit yourself in the front, left seat, or in the turret for the gunner bit.



I have followed your posts with interests and thought it might be a good time to give a bit of advice.

First off I would like to congratulate you and your choice on joining the armed services, its one of the most important decisions you can ever make in your life.

Secondly I would advise you to think long and hard at what it is exactly that you want to do, so far you have asked about the RA, Infantry, Special Observers and now Warrior Drivers, unfortunately you can’t do everything.

What you need to remember that training for a British Soldier is a very long process, it takes 22 years, as you go on many courses and learn things everyday, this training stars at Basic and that is where they mould you. You see the army is not like a job where, if you don’t like the job you simply move somewhere else, Infantry basic training is long and focused, whereas another arm like the RA will cut short the infantry element and focus you on more specific trades. To jump ship across capbadge is possible but causes all sorts of headaches as the original unit will be miffed as they have spent all the time and effort to train you up for a “competitor” to reap the benefit. I know several people who have done it and all of them had to start again, a Sigs guy I knew transferred into us after 2 years in the R Sigs, and then was tradeless as trades don’t cross regiments and had to start again. I also know of another guy who left the RA after a year of Juniors and a couple in the regiment go to the Fusiliers.

Mate, what I advise for you to do is look a exactly what you want to do with your career, because it is your career, the RA is a great choice, the scope within The Royal Regiment is huge with a multiple of roles across a wide range of areas, you even have the chance to go para or commando and of course your favourite 4/73 Bty. Yes you will run around with rifles, go on op tours and drive a warrior (if you join the right regiment) etc, but its not infantry and you might find yourself in a command post, quartermasters store or working on the guns, none of these are bad jobs at all, just be prepared. The same goes for the Infantry, joining your Bn does not guarantee a place in a rifle platoon or something like recce, you might end up on mortars, sigs or even stores, everyone needs strores. Now you have mentioned Special OP’s but please do not make this your sole purpose, it’s a VERY hard course with a 1 in 10 pass rate, yes you can join from outside the RA, I believe there are a few Inf types on the current course, but you must remember what will happen if you fail.

Now back to the warrior question, yes the RA use warrior for the FOO parties in armoured regiments, so to get to drive one you need to join an armoured filed unit like 1 RHA, 4th, 26 or 19 Regts, get on the OP’s and get on the course, and you can drive them, however you won’t be firing the gun, that’s an Infantry role. If you want to drive and fire the gun then you need to join an armoured infantry regiment like 1 PWRR, get in a rifle coy and get on the courses, however I think you will find that the guy that drives doesn’t actually fire the gun, Inf types please confirm. However if that floats your boat have you thought of Formation Recce ? Ok its not with warriors but their Scimitars/Sabres (???? its been awhile what do the cav use nowadays ???) where you are pretty much guaranteed a place in a tracked vehicle either driving it or firing the cannon.

Now this sounds a strange thing to do, point a potential gunner away from The Royal Regiment, but I would rather you join and serve for a long time doing something you enjoy rather than join us, hate it and leave in 3

Good Luck
I think the Cav are pretty clued up on inf skills too in Fmn Recce, is it called assault troop in the spartans? So it could be the answer to what you are looking for. It also has elements of the OP side of life in it, so could provide an excellent spring board in to 7/43 for later.
wellyhead said:

the RA is a great choice, the scope within The Royal Regiment is huge with a multiple of roles across a wide range of areas
Obvoiusly Class a drugs are a good choice aswell!

Go to some other Forums mate and ask advice there, visit some other Corps/Regiments web sites as well.

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