how do i get out of army early

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hokaday, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. hi does any one know a way of getting out of the army i have been in for 2 years but now realise i dont like it and its afecting me in a big way lost 2 stone in last month cant sleep please can some one help me there must be a way.
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Hit the CO?

    Or might be better to start speaking to your CoC? platoon sgt or equivalent? If you feel you cant do so, speak to the padre.
    It is more likely they will try and find out why you are having the above problems and resolve any issues rather than lose a trained soldier.
  3. do another year then sign off....until then....reflect on your time...and you never might like it even more!! :D in the meantime....get out on the pop this weekend and get yourself a few takeaways to start putting the pounds back on...easy :wink:
  4. If you're not eating or sleeping , like Chris says, approach your chain of command, really tho, if you have lost 2 stones in a month, they should've really noticed that one of their troops is on the bobby sands diet.

    If youre not eating and sleeping youre going to be in a pretty poor state and really need to see the doctor, who in turn may push you up to the trick cyclist (psychiatrist) if your issues are genuine they will be the best people to help you out , them and the god botherer.

    FFS please don't do anything stupid just to get 'booted' out tho , as it could quite well effect your future on civvy st.
  5. Good advicce Scaley - there are enough brainless prats out there appearing on Panorama
  6. thanks.i just cant stand anther second in the army killing me in side.and would never do any thing stupid to get out not yet.but there has to be a way has to be only thing keeping me going atm
  7. So stop posting and go have a chat with someone - sgt, padre, wrvs lady - plenty to choose from.
  8. Become a mormon, take some drugs, hit a Captain (get your rank right), stick two pencils up your nose and say wibble.

    I know a few who got out in a hurry, but those who were honest did their time... (So Do the crime... don't do the time)
  9. Yep...You really need to speak to the Padre or WRVS..

    If you go through the..Im mad/doing stupid things/ Head shrink/Medical chain of command they will keep you in until you are deemed fit for civilian life" and it will effect future careers as your next employer will ask the Army for a reference.

    Sounds like a lot of personnal issues are the main cause and not the Army as a whole.

    Are you being bullied? Not gelling with the rest of the platoon?.. That is always a main cause of lads wanting to get out quickly.

    Why dont you consider a posting or transfer to another unit/corp.
    Other another year..and sign off. much easier.
  10. Some good advice and some worse than useless advice!

    I have PMd you.

  11. If you have lost 2 stone in the last month (especially if you were not overweight) might not just be a symptom of psychological stress, it might be medical as well. It all depends where you are, but I would start with your Dr.
  12. Calm down- calm down-calm down. You are rushing and stressing about his way too much. Time out step back and chill out just for a second.

    Now think clearly-have you told your mum or dad that you are so unhappy.
    If not then tell them today or tomorrow. Tell them how you have lost two stone and you are not sleeping well.

    Ask them to help you-don't water it down just tell them the facts. Get some rest and you will think more clearly. Go to see your Doctor tell him what you have told us-ask him to help you.

    DO NOT KEEP THIS A SECRET-do not hide the way you feel-fck it in a couple of years time you will look back on this time and laugh about it.
    You are under a cloud right now you feel like the stress is unbearable.

    So chill out get some sleep and slowly take some action-you are not in prison do not be ashamed. Be proud of having the bravery to come on here asking for help.

    Above all I say again go easy eat healthily chill out and get family and friends on board-NOW. You will be out soon so do not fret and stop stressing. Keep posting and keep us updated-best wishes to ya.
  13. Don't cheapen these threads by posting your walty crap on them.
  14. Also get checked out 2 stone that fast maybe something physicaly wrong with you

  15. Sorry to hear things are not working out for you , May be you should have a chat with someone who can give you the advise you need .

    contact BCO to have a chat i know he wont mind he is a lovely chap and he dont bite

    Advise before you quit the army

    Good luck