How Do I Get Out During Basic Training???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HelpMe, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. My bro started basic 3 weeks ago and does not want to continue into the army. He's been told needs 3 valid excuses to be able to get out can anyone tell me what is classed as a valid excuse???
  2. You worship the devil

    You find the RSM hugely attractive

    You want to join the Taleban

    You didn't read the small print

    You have gone blind

    You want to stab the padre

    Your piles hurt so much you have to lay down for an hour everytime you fart

    You feel the urge to nosh all your pals (may not work in the Paras, they'll want to keep you)

    You have invisible friends who make you smash windows and steal things

    You are a Frimble and demand to be treated as one

    Whenever someone shouts at you you feel the urge to scoop out your eyes with a tea spoon.

    Hope this helps, he can use a combination of any of the above and Civvy street is only a skip over the fence away
  3. Just go and see the doctor/padre (and convince them that he should be let out) or wait until 5 weeks and then leave. Alternatively, he could try the Blackadder trick.......
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    He's not been in long enough to hate it! Let him stay awhile until he becomes utterly cynical and pissed off like me... ;-)


    I think that he is being lied to (now, there's an unusual thing in phase 1 trg!)

    He will, normally, have 'windows of opportunity' at various stages of his training to sign off if he is not utterly enthralled with it all. DS will often obfuscate (i.e. lie) about these so as to make sure that they make their quota of happy phase two trainee soldiers.

    Get him to see someone whose career is not dependent of creating x number of soldiers and ask them about these windows and his rights. I would suggest the Padre or the WRVS lady.
  5. get him to act like a fcukwit, and biff everything up, then on the review, say he wants out.
  6. Tell him to let everyone know he loves the army that much he intends to serve a full career. He will instantly be directed to the MO for a trick cyclist evaluation!
  7. In accordance with current Regs he can get out for free within the first 6 months of service but may not be let back in.

    if all else fails try smoking a spliff during OC'S Rounds !!!!!

  8. Given the state of some of recruits I doubt this will work they'll get him in ;)
  9. Tell him to stick it out to the end because it gets better after basic training


    (Is there a psychiatrist about? I nearly believed myself then)
  10. I don't think three weeks is nearly enough time to decide if you are going to enjoy Army life, try and persuade him to stay a bit longer.
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    MiB's considered opinion is that he should suck his neck in and get on with it otherwise in ten year's time he will be in a pub telling war stories and then have to admit to an ex-squaddie that he lasted 5 weeks and went home to his mum. The first few weeks are hardest....he needs to understand that training is a game between the troop staff and the recruits.

    Remember this.....

    "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea." Samuel Johnson

  12. There are no valid excuses in the Army. only valid reasons. he's the Army's now, Not a sniff of getting out! :lol:
  13. Having done 2 years as a Cpl at ATR(W) until last year I am sure that the rules depend on your age.

    Under 18 you can get out at any stage of CMS(R) after week 4 which is the 28 day period you get to settle in.

    Over 18 you have from week 4 until 28 days from which to put in your request if you dont you wil go on to serve 4 years.

    Both of these methods are known as DAOR Discharge as of Right and the Platoon Commander will have to verbally brief the Platoon in the first 2 days of them joining. The recruit also has to sign his/her report book (Blue Book) to say they have recieved the brief and understand it. The dates fom which he/her can apply to leave will also be in there.

    Get you Brother to speak to his Section Commander at the end of the week when he gets his report read to him and mention he wants out. His Section Commander has a duty of care over him and should put it up the chain of command.
  14. Oh and the 3 reasons/excuses are bollox :D
  15. in my day it was a lot simpler, we were taught a valuable ode,

    dont buy a video,
    dont buy a car,
    save your money,
    and P.V.R.

    these days you have to use more tact, pack your bags,
    go see the padre, and tell him your goin to comit hari kari
    at the weekend :roll: