How do I get holiday pics & vids onto dvd?

Got loads of holiday pics & vids id like to make into a dvd for family, the pics with an audio track but the vids as they are. Anyone know any easy to use free software that does this?
In Win Vista there is Windows DVD Maker, you should have something similar in XP.



Windows DVD Maker Linky thingy

To publish and burn a movie to a DVD
To publish and burn a movie to a DVD, you must have Windows DVD Maker, which is included in Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Home Premium. You also need a DVD burner.

Insert a blank recordable or rewritable DVD into your DVD burner.

Open a project in Windows Movie Maker.

Click File, and then click Publish Movie.

Click DVD, and then click Next. Windows DVD Maker opens.

Complete the steps to create a DVD using Windows DVD Maker.
I would recommend burning them as individual pics and video files. That way people can choose the ones they want rather than have to wade through your DVD to find them and be unable to extract them.

I had a play with that movie maker before in vista but i couldn not view the vids I had, only the audio.

msr, ill do that, thanks. I still want to make the dvd though, it will eat me till I can do it you see.
Give ConvertXtoDVD a try, you can drag and drop and click convert and it does it all for you. Once you have tried it you can then tweak it in options to suit what you want for the end result.


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