How do I get files from Limewire to my iPod?

I was walking me dog in the park today when I was suddenly accosted by a dozen meanlooking characters who demanded (because of my striking good looks) that I join them in a game of poker.

Grand prize? A brand new iPod Shuffle.

Being one who has never been known to walk away from a challenge, I took me place at the bench and then I proceeded to - as lore will have it one day- whoop their collective asses.

As I walked away from the game, a group of nuns who had gathered nearby watching the game broke into loud cheers of praise and adulation. It turned out that me opponents were a gang of ruthless muggers who were not averse to waylaying said nuns and stealing their head scarves. Said gang is now securely locked up in the local jail and there is talk the mayor is seriously considering throwing a parade me way.

That said, me victory against the forces of evil left me in a deep dilemma.

How do I transfer music from P2P networks like Limewire to my iPod without having to pay the man who happens to be worth several billions anyhow?

Or better yet, challenge "the man" to another game of poker and get it for nothing
1) Download Itunes for fuck all.

2) Then drag from Limewire into Itunes.

3) Then drag from Itunes to the Ipod.

4) Remember to unshare your sharing folder to speed up your connection.

Here endeth the lesson.
Save duplicate copies of the mp3 files on a temporary drive on your pc. Run up iTunes, it will find them and you can then transfer to your iPod.

I say duplicate copies, as I believe iTunes converts what it copies over to what are known as AAC format and makes them otherwise unusable. Serves you right for buying a music player that uses a proprietary format jsut to be fashionable instead of a decent mp3 player.

Give those scarves back to the nuns

Edit: You can do this either way, both work. You might be better off using bittorrent instead of limewire, faster file transfers over the net and more choice. Google bitcomet and once you have loaded that, try
Thanks all.
I just got back from itunes and they want a semen sample along with a credit card number. I am willing to give them the semen but a credit card seems a little overboard.

Is there anyway I can get the thing without a cc?



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Tell them you'll use your credit card to 'spunk' your money away in their general direction.
Already did. They told me they hear that all the time.

But seriously, what to do?
iTunes is pish. Download EphPod instead.

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