How do I get Ebay's attention?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone come across a method of cutting through all Ebay's communication barriers and getting the attention of a reactive human being? I'm trying to sort out three bad deals but, far from getting any response from Ebay/Paypal, they seem intent on facilitating fraud.

    Background: In an effort to upgrade and rebuild a small home network, I bought four sets of Win7. Caveat emptor of course, but at least I took all the normal and sensible precautions - having a straight run of 600+ reasonably satisfactory purchases under my belt:

    1. One set only revealed itself as counterfeit three months after purchase, with the blocking of the key by Microsoft. Ebay/Paypal won't respond about this, because its over 45 days old.

    2. One set was obviously counterfeit, but the vendor was at least honest and took it back.

    3. One set was completely genuine (so far) - good buy.

    4. The last set is still in transit - but from China, rather than the UK location indicated in the description. Hence its clearly going to be duff as well. Incredibly, Ebay have allowed the vendor to remove the listing before its even delivered - a classic way to prevent bad feedback or to cover up a fraud. Ebay won't respond to queries about this.

    What concerns me - and evidently thousands of other Ebay victims, according to web forums - is that Ebay appears to be actively preventing the reporting of counterfeit goods and/or bad vendors. The deletion of evidence such as listings seems to be a deliberate policy to avoid normal UK/EU distance selling regulations by making it extremely difficult for claimants to put a case together.

    Hence my query. I'm after a method that shoves a red-hot poker up Ebay's collective arrse in order to get a reaction. Just wondered what others have done or achieved; small claims court action? Try complaining to Microsoft? Is there a trading standards route that gets their attention? I'm more or less resigned to losing my money, but I would at least like to feel that some sanction has been taken against the fraudsters involved....
  2. You may find this site useful - ttp:// Good luck.
  3. I had a bad deal with UK details but dealing with China.
    Did the usual of contacting ebay for resolution and they were on the ball.
    They contacted the seller/came back to me/returned with my suggested course of action
    I topped it off with a note to the seller containing "Trading Standards" & Small claims court"
    Money refunded pdq
  4. I once bought an OS off ebay; listed as being from the UK. When it didn't arrive after about ten days and no comms from the seller.

    I filed a dispute with paypal and the seller provided tracking info from China. Panic was setting in, but paypal refunded my money.

    The next week I get a package from China with my OS. Genuine copy and im still using it to this day. All i'm saying is. China doesnt always mean bad

    (yeah I kept the money and the OS)
  5. My China package turned up as soon as I'd finished the post above. It was a fake; funnily enough, it was absolutely identical to the other fake (2) - right down to the "shop label" and all of the MS codes on the seals. Clearly they are in mass production over there..

    Luckily, this one has been accepted as a dispute by EBay/Paypal. Bustards still allowed the seller to delete the listing within minutes of the auction ending - they don't appear to have even the most basic fraud precautions in place.

    With fake (1) which has gone outside the 45 days, neither Ebay nor Paypal will take any action - not even providing a method of reporting the seller.

    Ho hum.... now who has the link to some legit keys...
  6. key gen on pirate bay or the likes?
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I think that is illegal unless you live in Nigeria?

    I mostly use eBay to buy Landy parts or bits for old engines. But if I use it to buy something easily forged like an OS, and I feel I have been ripped, I simply log onto eBay then torch the laptop. This is expensive I admit. But I feel it sends out the right signals.
  8. I have never had a good experience with ebay selling or buying hardware and software. It just seems so easy for the other party to screw you about. Only buy software from UK software suppliers. If you still need some keys I can put you in contact with some of our suppliers.

    Another note on ebay/paypal the only way they will respond is if you are willing to spend alot of money phoning America. GRRRR!
  9. I have spoken to PayPal twice in the last few weeks about dodgy memory cards that I have bought from EBay. Bought and paid for them, then the seller was no longer a registered user on EBay, so put a PayPal claim in immediately for non receipt.

    Got both lots of money back with a few weeks, and the number I got from the PayPal website was a number in Dublin - very helpful they were too.

    Obviously it will be different if you are outside the timelines, but if you don't ask, you don't get !!
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This thing about Ebay allowing items to be removed and swept under the carpet is commonplace. I can only assume its so there is no trail leading back to Ebay as it would certainly skew their customer satisfaction performance indicators if there were countless instances of fraud. If someone like Watchdog did an investigation into the daily (hourly?) fraudulent items up for sale, Ebay would be harder pressed to deny it and repeat the "working hard to stamp out fraud" line ad nausem if they had cold hard facts on how rife it is.