How do I get a full copy of my Military Record

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MicknDarcyJo, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi...

    I'm looking into moving to the US with my American wife, and one of the things I'll need to supply is a copy of my military record....

    Would a simple, but formal letter to my TA unit's admin office do the trick, or do I need to write to Glasgow?

    Would they charge me an admin fee for this, and would I be able to get any of the info corrected if I found it was wrong? I correct unicom printouts every couple of months, but they've now lost/I'm not recorded as having served in 1995, even though I have military courses listed!!

    Any serious advice would be much appreciated, and any stupid advice would be welcome......

  2. my mate wrote to glasgow after his dog chewed his red book up had no problem very good service
  3. I wonder if I could get a full copy of my RAF service record, admittedly there would be only 7 CR's in there, 2 charge sheets, 2 course reports and thats about it, not much to show for 9 years of skiving is it !
  4. I found this info on a regtl assoc site - wrote off and lo and behold TWO fat envelopes arrived with copies of all my deeds and misdeeds.

    Did you Know?
    Have you ever wondered what that senior officer said about you in that Confidential
    Report or when you actually took up a posting, was it June or was it July?
    Well now you can find out. Write to the:
    Administrative Officer, Army Personnel Centre, Disclosure Section 2-Data Protection Cell, Mail Point 515, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX.
    Make sure that you enclose a photo-copy of your passport and that you include your regimental number.
    After a few weeks you will receive a huge envelope (at no cost to yourself) containing all of the information pertaining to your army career.

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  5. Jim...

    Top info, just what I needed..Thanks very much...
  6. Just ask using the Data Protection Act, ie use an SAR