How do I freeze frames on a .gif file?


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Fellow ARRSErs,

I have a .gif file that has a number of frames that allows a needle to swing up and down on a meter.

What I would like to know is how do I freeze the frames so I can set my meter at the level I want?

Think of the outrage-o-meter on some people's signature blocks and you get my drift.

Why? Apart from the obvious uses here, I want to be able to use it in a .ppt presentation.

Any sensible advice is gratefully received (but I don't do *******!!! :wink: ). Many Thanks.


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AnimGif is something I have not come across before - thanks - googling now.


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So I have googles, downloaded Advanced GIF Animator.

I have a .gif with 10 Frames but as I delete the ones I do not want it goes nuts on me. How do I reduce the frame count so it does not go all Herr Flick of the Gestapo at me?
I found this program to be useful:

Despite the 2 star rating it got, it's freeware and it splits the GIF file into each individual frame and saves them to an output directory as a bitmap (.bmp) file.

You can then dump these into any document you want, or if they are large, convert them to jpg files before doing so.

Hope this helps.

Try googling Gadwin print screen. It's a free program that lets you do a screen grab. When it gets to the point you want to save, hit the print screen button on your keyboard and it saves the grab for you.

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