how do I claim my 6 Months Free Road Tax and MOT?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nodigitsever, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. as Johhny Foreigner has 6 Months to get His (6 Months Grace?) doesn't He/She?

    so why don't I?, I want my Free Tax and MOT Please!, after all if not this is Discrimination isn't it?

    don't forget that NO ONE is above the Law, or are they?

    and another thing, how come they have Valid Insurance without either valid Tax or MOT as we don't?
  2. Easy, buy and register a car in a foreign country, then import it to UK. Repeat every six months. Swarthy looks, dodgy maroon suit and plumbing skills optional.
  3. Unless things have changed since I last brought a car into the country, it is three months. I believe it is the same for taking cars into other countries as well.

    Just another bigotted thread
  4. You can always rely on Sven to take the PARTY line. Are you trying for one of Tony's last gasp honours mate?
  5. perhaps he is tony???
  6. I suggest that the line is one of being against bigotry - any right minded Tory or Labour voter would say the same thing.

    As to Tonys honours, I think I'd have to do a damned sight more than pull up a few facist threads
  7. And perhaps You are Jean Marie La Pen?
  8. Damn right I am, loving the tax free driving as we speak :thumright:
  9. LoL
  10. No Sven it is 6 months,

    Nodigitsever I dont get free tax and MOT here for that six months, I had to get a technical Inspection before I brought it here,
    So technically speaking I can prove that as a 'visitor' my car is taxed and tested.

    We dont have road tax as such in CZ, you buy new number plate stickers (just like the little stickers on boxhead motors) heres the rub though, they last for two years and cost a total of about £20..... :)
  11. If the car is imported permanently then it should be registered as soon as possible - the DVLA doesn't give a time limit. If brought into the country from an EU country on a temperary basis then it allowed six months on a visitor basis. People bringing cars from non EU countries have to prove their temperary status and are given a paper which states the date they have to remove their cars.

    All cars still have to comply with the vehicle safety laws.
  12. From:

    But also:

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  13. So all you need to do is a beer/fag run to France every 6 months to renew your ferry ticket evidence!