How do I claim back VAT?

How do I go about claiming back VAT?

I'm deploying on Ops in the near future and want to purchase a few things. However, not from the apparently helpful Amazon...
I spoke to the company I was interested in purchasing from, and they said that I should claim back VAT myself.

My question is how?
I asked HMCR before I deployed earlier this year, and the answer is that if you are UK based, you can't claim back VAT. The VAT Refund Scheme only applies to those normally resident outside the EU.
But surely if I'm TA and attached to a unit based outside of the UK, and then proceed to go on Ops, then I'd be entitled to claim back VAT?
You have to be permanently resident outside the EU to claim back VAT. The actual process is quite complicated, too - the supplier has to participate in the VAT Refund Scheme, and you have to do all the paperwork at the port of departure - there are no facilities for this at BZZ. However, you can order goods for export to a country outside the EU without tax since these don't attract VAT - as in the Amazon example.

If the unit to which you are attached is based in Germany, you will need to get the relevant forms from the unit, and then persuade the supplier to let you have the goods VAT-free - it isn't a refund scheme and it's not the same as the MehrWertsSteuer thing used in German shops. The goods have to be shipped to Germany - and the supplier has to be able to prove it, so you can't take the stuff yourself. It will be worth checking with the unit, however, for the latest info, in case there is a restriction on attachees making use of it.
If you wish to purchase equipment from Arktis (I used to work for them) then you must speak to your UAO and get a letter to state that you happen to be based in a country outside the uk, along with an external shipping address. Once they have this information, they used to happily ship goods VAT FREE. Just make sure when they come back into the UK, Crab Air don't hit you for VAT on the purchase.....

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