How do I build a cold smoker????

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by commzmeanzbombz, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. I have asked for some new trout recipes in another thread but I would love to knock up a cold smoker in the back garden.

    In this case google is not my friend! Have any of you ever built a smoker?

    I dont want to buy one off the shelf i would rather do my Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall bit and knock one up myself.

    I dont have a massive garden and I live in a lego house surrounded by other people who may not enjoy the smell of smoke as much as I do.

    So, is a smoker a good idea or will it get me an ASBO and how the hell do I knock one up?


  2. mysteron

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  3. I fancy the idea of actually building something with my own manly hands, (as I’m extremely tight and can borrow most of the materials from the local area!)
  4. Don't you only get cold smokers outside pubs in winter?

    Failing that, a load of nice hickory chips or similar, damped down, and thrown on to a barbcue works quite well. not too much of a smell if you have a kettle barby with a lid.
  5. Ah...but that would be considered hot smoking, whereby the smoked meat/fish is also cooked in the process. Cold smoking is designed to impart the smokey taste but leaves the product uncooked.
  6. Hot smoking is the way to go, I use an old dentists Autoclave, the thing they use to steralize instruments, check out your local fishing shop as the frequently sell hot smokers, a bit like a large mess tin for about £40, or do what I did and go Dumpster diving. I even smoke veg you would die for hot smoked Tomatos and mushrooms, my mate uses an old pressure cooker to good effect
  7. I remember Hugh Fearnley Eatitall do some cold smoking in his programmes about fish - I think he was in Jersey.

    Perhaps his books will give a clue.
  8. Gremlin

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    Ask Ugly!
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  9. I know someone who has one, home made! That happens when you live near dorset.

    The crucial thing is the length of the trench or flue that carries the smoke to the box of meat/fish. It is beneficial if this can be adjusted in progress. Quarry tiles to cover the trench, can be lifted and smoker box repositioned. If smoke arrives TOO cool, it will not rise to the goods, if too hot it will not be a COLD smoker.

    Smoked EEL is delicious! Go for it.
  10. Big catering size tin, half full of smoking chips and with a soldering iron inserted...pop it in a kettle or other lidded bbq...add food...bada-boom, bada, bing. I tried it with cheese. Delicious.
  11. When I hot smoke, I tend to cook items for just a bit of a shorter time than you would in a normal oven, and after a mackeral bashing fishing trip you would be surprised how many friends ,sort of pop around , theiving ,spongeing, barstewards, but honeyed smoked mackeral is very nice,
  12. @ Cuddles.
    OK I'm intrigued by this one.
    what sort of time did you smoke for?
    Did you just 'fire and forget' or did you have to tend the chips to keep a fresh supply in contact with the soldering iron?
    I take it was an electric soldering iron?

    My thought process being I have a days trout fishing ahead of me today and a Bank Holiday Monday just chilling in the garden or around the house. I might as well do something productive with the results of today.
  13. This link might help.
  14. As I said if you are hot smoking ,cook the item by weight for just short of the time that you would if baking in an oven, you can use an ordenary lidded saucepan, just put a layer of chips/sawdust in a layer on the bottom then a layer of tinfoil to stop it catching on fire, place whatever you are smoking on somthing to keep it up off the foil,a trivlet or somthing of that type. and cook on top of your stove, the pot will be very dirty after use so dont use your misse,s finest Le-Creuset, and when you open it up stand well clear of any smoke detectors