How do I break my contract?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by walt_of_the_walts, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Orange is shit. Where I live, there is but only one transmitter and it regularly breaks down. Also it signal does not get into any buildings in the south end of my town (where I live and socialize)

    Last year the transmitter was down for 3 weeks. It has been failing ever since on a regular basis. Today I have had no signal since 1830. The last time it didn't work, Orange told me it was 'vandalism' (the transmitter is on top of a 12 storey office block, so that was a lie) Later they said it was awaiting a 'spare part' They did not even give me a fiver off the bill. In fact, my bill didn't even go down as I stayed inside my tariiff, but I always do, and with such piss poor service, I'd struggle to go outside it!

    Orange used to be the best, but now it's utter ****.

    How do I get out of the contract without them killing the android phone they gave me on a new contract and upgrade only a few weeks ago? I'm not going to buy out either. It would be too expensive.

    I should have cancelled and gone O2, but they wanted money up front for a new phone. Orange did it free because of, well, my loyalty, and my bills of £70+ p/m I suppose.

    Yes I want to stuff Orange, the useless *****, but **** them. I've been a customer since 1995 and they have ripped me off for years. Every phone I've had on upgrades for the last 6 years has been shite too. There range has never been good, up until now with the HTC Desire HD, Iphone4 etc, However on orange, these phones do not meet there full potential.

    Also, there adverts are misleading. Orange maps never, or very rarely works in the M25 area. Its also a chargeable service. But worst of all, Orange won't work with BT openzone or the the Cloud, which means most public wi-fi networks are unavailable to orange users. How shit is that?

    But the network coverage is still rubbish and unreliable. They used to be the best. Now they are the worst, particularly where I live.
  2. I'd have to take a look at your contract, but not being to provide the service that you're paying for is usually a solid reason to get out. They will say that they don't 'endeavor to deliver a faultless service' in order to have some wiggle room but an outage of over 3/4 days is significant. If you can show them significant gaps in service then (and this was true a few years back when I worked for a different provider) you are entitled to a refund for days paid for when you couldn't use the phone.

    If you can show them 'I am paying £X for you to provide this number of calls and this amount of data but you cannot provide the service where I am' then you could be in luck.

    Best bet is to read through the T&C's on your new deal. These can be a real bastard to get out of so good luck!

  3. I agree that Orange are shite, why? oh why? have you waited 6 years - you have accepted the new phone recently!

    Your only way out is to call (on another phone obviously) every time there is an outage, this will be a pain in the arrse of course, but they will log your calls, as you must once yo build a consistent picture of the outage issues, that is your ammo to terminate.

    If I may be so bold - you should have jumped ship long before now.
  4. Quote:"How do I break my contract?" Unquote

    You are Hosni Mubarak and I claim my £5
  5. The T&Cs are a bastard, as it does not guarantee a signal at all times. But 3 weeks (last year) is taking the piss. However, when I raised this with the so-called customer service dept, they were stoney silent, so they don't care. Yes I should have jumped ship years ago, but the service was only seriously at fault in this last year because the building the transmitter is on was being completely refurbished from a commercial office to flats. But Spiderman must live in Croydon and attack mobile phone masts because once again I don't have any signal @ of Thurs 1142hrs 3/2/11.

    Really, I want my cake and to eat it, because I want to keep the phone and number but go to another network, and without 'buying out' the handset*. I am worried that if I terminate they will bar the handset or 'destroy' it, as I believe they now have the technology in android phones to do this, rendering the phone unlockable or inert

    *I'd pay a reasonable amount, £40-50 say, but not £400 odd!
  6. If you are with Orange, then you can also use the T-Mobile network. I'm in the South East, use an HTC Desire and have never had a problem with the T-Mobile signal. Should I wander out of range, then it will look for an Orange signal. Might be worth looking into?
  7. WOTW,

    If you have already raised the issue with "Customer Services" and they have not helped, you might try emailing the executive level complaints team

    If you can provide evidence /details of the problems and details of your previous contact with Orange, they are more likely to be able to help you than the call center staff.

  8. You have to text them to "dual band" with T mobile and for some reason they aren't making a big deal about it. My doris had the same problem and this sorted it out.

    Failing that go into your nearest orange shop, take all your clothes of, smear yourself in your own excrement and try and f uck the manager.
  9. Can't you get the phone unlocked so you can use it on another network, then put your orange tariff down to the cheapest one they do and let it run until end of contract while using another network sim in your new phone?
  10. also works in most sainsburys as well...
  11. How do you think I got the free upgrade?