how do i bet on the grand national

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Eyebrows of Doom, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. So i fancy a wager on the grand national today.

    What would i write on the betting slip?

    Hedgehunter is 22/1

    So would it be -

    Hedgehunter to win the grand national

    Is that right?
  2. A jock who doesn't know how to place a bet ????

    This is a WAH right ?
  3. No, im afraid not.

    just a tight fisted b/stard
  4. I've got 2 spare Tattersall tickets. Its a fair bet I will make more selling them than I will at the race today!
  5. Just walk into a betting shop. Bigger chains usually have people to help with inexperienced betters on Grand National Day - they usually walk about and ask if you need any help.

    The bigger chains also tend to have a "special" Grand National vote for Joe betting slip - its pretty easy to follow.

    Alternatively join an online one like William Hill or Ladbrokes.
  6. Go for the one with the waggliest tail, or, alternatively, if you cannot decide, if one takes a dump bet on that one.

    It's carrying less weight, have you seen the size of horse oranges?!
  7. Join and use their link to join and get a free £50 "Commission" AND £25 rebate off Betfair after your first £25 bet.

    £50 + £25 = £75 for doing feck all plus a no risk £25 bet.

    My Money is on Simon!
  8. Oh, Victor Chandler is offering money back if you nag stacks it.
    Join them through Quidco and get some free cash.
  9. PM me with your bank details and I will ensure you get a bet placed.
    I also have $50m in bank bonds currently tied up in nigeria..........