How do I best get as much resettlement cash as possible????

I am leaving this year and understand that after 10 years I get 5 weeks resettlement leave and a grant of approx £500. I understand about SLC and ELC. What I need some help on and what I think other could do with spelling out is the JPA allowances that are claimable.

As I understand it for residential courses you can combine daily subsistence (for food mainly) and accom fees as well as IE at £5 per day as well as some of the above training grants given certain qualifying criteria.

So, in a very long winded way here is my question:

If I were to undertake a residential course (assuming non-availability of service accom) how best can the provider receipt the course so I can get as much value as possible i.e. Accom fees, food, course costs and examination fees?

I have no idea of the best way, but if I were you I'd concentrate on preparing myself in the best way rather than how much you can squeeze from the system. I spent over £12,000 on re-training myself and preparing for civvy street, of which £535 was from the system. I re-paid all that back to myself within 6 months of being outside. So for what it is worth, by all means claim what you're entitled to but don't let it become an all consuming focus.

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