How do I become a moderator on here ?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Paton216tech, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Serious question, it's time there was some order restored. I have plans on how to improve things and eventually take over the site.
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  2. Are you a Major in the RAAOC with a car park fetish per chance?
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  3. Like Gandalf the Grey you have to battle evil monsters and essentially die before you can pass through to a higher realm of consciousness.

    Now off you pop.
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  4. Cash, and lots of it.
  5. It involves an awful lot of fellatio, so ensure that you're well hydrated.
  6. Need a job? Send your mate PRT a PM, he'll sort it.
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  7. Moderators are appointed by Administrators. Typically there is one Administrator and there could be many moderators, with some of those being of a higher status. The Admin can also double as a senior moderator too. A moderators powers are set by Admin. Admin is also typically the owner of the website. This isn't a hard rule, just a typical generalisation.

    So, to take over the forum you would have to become Administrator and there's no chance of that. Short of kiddnapping him and getting his access info from him under interogation.
  8. So you're proposing water boarding the COs.

    It's a plan

    With mileage

    I like it.

    But what to do with the keys to ARRSE?
  9. How do you mean, "him"?
  10. Hitler had take over plans too, and look what happened to him.
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  11. Indeed, he reduced lead theft in Europe by almost 100% during the early nineteen forties.
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  12. Ooh if you become Mod can you check out the colour of ARRSE boathouse and get back to me, cheers.
  13. Boathouse jokes, right on up there with Maddie, shed, SLR and train references. You boring ****.
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  14. hotel_california

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