How do I address a female Vicar in conversation?

No its not the start to a shit joke, I know some Regimental Padres' who are female are happy to be addressed as such, but as Padre means Father, I don't want to risk appearing rude, when my local civvy female vicar christens my daughter. Her formal title is Canon, so do I address her as that? Helpful! advice would be greatly appreciated
if you are on good enough terms for her to be christening your daughter surely you are on good enough terms to address her by her christian name
Call her by her name!

Putting priests on pedestals is where it all started to go wrong! next thing you know they were in cahoots with the aristocracy and we had a thousand years of being told don't worry about your shite life on earth you'll get your rewards in heaven whilst the lord of the manor and the vicar lived the high life. fucking christian church has a lot to answer for, at least the druids only got you stoned and drunk smashed your skull in, cut your throat and dumped you face down into a pond. Now that's a religion.
Just not 'Bishop'


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'ello darlin' usually works.
"Luv" is a firm favourite. Rollie, wifebeater and can of a stella are advised for achieving the full effect.


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If she's a Canon, you just call her 'Canon'. Or anything else if you can get away with it...but 'Canon' is correct.
Fuck with her head and call her Pentax.
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