How do I access a website?


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Not sure if this is right place for this, but I assume its a suitably 'techie' place. Mods, please feel free to move.

Basically, the website is representing our UOTC at the moment (Ie its the first thing that comes up upon googling, and its what the Army link to off their site.) However, the latest update is 2002 so its horribly out of date, and we need to update it.

The problem arises because the moderators of the site have left university, and the contact addresses on the site are university ones. I am currently trying to trace them via the 'old boys' network, but without much luck.

My question is whether I can either get access to the site, or applying somewhere (i don't know where) for it to be taken down or a new one subsituted.

Any advice welcome :D

(I have the full support of my CO & OC, and don't want to come across as a hacker :D )


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I'm happy to host it on the Army site, in fact it would save me a lot of work, and the muppets linked to us in the first place:D


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Bl*ody right it will, I've talked to my OC, the CO (though only briefly), Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea PSI's, SUO and the feckin' postman, and been told by each that the other has responsibilty :roll:
You'll need to be given an ACMS ( username by either going to Blanford or getting your Adj to contact you're Bde and ask for the ACMS Trainer to arrange a day. I suggest you also ask, when you get access, who you're publisher is - it's rubbish having to wait days for you're updates to go live.

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