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How do 5 Scots treat TA Soldiers?

In the words of one of our guys who has deployed more times than I can count

"Probably the best battlegroup I have ever worked with as an Infanteer"

and that includes our own two regular battalions. Do it you won't regret going with them.


tearsbeforebedtime said:
B Coy were cutting around Lash as FP/Ops Coy on H8 with a mixed bag of TA atts, everyone from Rifles to AAC IIRC. From what I heard they were well looked after.
our guys were with A coy and D Coy on Herrick 8....by all accounts were treated very well......
Bravo_Bravo said:
Your heading implies a statement; try asking "How do... etc" and more people might reply.
Oh, come on, be kind. He can't manage capitals, punctuation or "Herrick" (or HERRICK for the pedants :) ) He's got a few relevant answers so job's done?

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