How difficult is it? i miss him

I have been with my man for a couple of months now and we get on great, in that time weve known eachother he transferred services and is now in basic training for the army. I understand he is busy and the first few weeks is boot camp style but I miss him quite alot which im finding strange because the relationship is still new. I'm hoping it wll be extra great when we do see eachother. Weve gone from spending alot of time together to hardly hearing from him at all. I know he's busy and tired and has tonnes to do, i just miss him thats all.

Anyone have any experience with this? Does it get easier after the first few weeks?
I met someone not a long time ago. The situation is a bit different as he was sent far far away for a very long time.. His send off basicaly brought an end to our knowledge. I think your are very lucky girl if you can still see each other .
Experience from a slightly different perspective, but don't take anything personally in the few weeks of Phase 1 training.

He has to totally focus on himself (or herself for other readers) to get through it, that doesn't mean he's forgotten about you - it's just what they have to do to get to grips with the pressure of training.

Give him 110% support and don't expect any in return - it's called love. It's not personal - and you'll get him back afterwards! When you attend the Passing Out Parade you'll understand what I mean:)
Thanks oldmuso, that is a great way to look at it...and ive realised since he has gone that i love him (i know, a girly thing to say!! and if i told him that he would probably smile and say 'so you should', its too early in our relationship for that to be said for the first time while he's away), weve only been together for a few months and i never thought id miss him like i do. he was concerned before he went that i wouldnt wait for him.

What's your opinion on sending letters? do you think he'd like to recieve them? i think i have the address but i dont know the name of his company or the number of the course, do you think it would still get to him?
Letters are a good way of keeping in touch with him, when i was first married, I used to recieve 3 or 4 blueys a day from the wife ( she joined me 4 months later) You'll obviously need his address but they are a bit of a morale booster especilly when there are no normal means of contact.
I have been out of the army since the days of the Roman occupation, but some things dont change. Letters from loved ones are one of the major things that keep soldiers morale up. You can always spot the "Billy no mates" in any platoon who never gets any mail from home - usualy as miserable as as hell. Write to him and tell him how you feel about him but for fks sake dont write and moan about the washing machine breaking down or whatever. He needs only to know that you and he are whats important in your lives. I will deny ever having written this post.
Oh, I believe I misunderstood the thread title. I was going to recommend re-zeroing her weapon.

Or a visit to Specsavers.
We got a couple of text messages in last night and i asked the name of his company so i could send a letter and he said that theres not much point cos he hasnt got the time to read it, but he did say he liked the emails i was sending. he apoloagised for not replying and i told him that he didnt have to reply, that they are just a little something for him. i suppose nowadays with iphone technology emails are as good as letters at the moment. he gets his phone at 11pm. letters may be more suitable when he goes on tour, he's in phase one training at the moment.


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Texts and emails are good, remind him that you miss him and youre waiting for when you get to sped more time together.
He's gonna be working his balls off, and under a lot of pressure, so stay nice and level and calm, and be there if he needs to moan.
If you can learn to get through BT youll be in a good shape for when he gets posted away.

Theres loads of support in rear party on here, plus theres a parenting thread on arrse which is worth reading as they have a different perpsective which sometimes helps too.

Failing that fall back on your GF for some support while hes away. It will be worth it if you both make the effort now.

Finally Good luck to you both ;o)
vegnomeat said:
Are you absolutely sure that he is actually in the Army and completing basic ?
Hush, don't worry the girl.....he's really in the SAS and is on secret ops...say no more.
i knew it would only be a matter of time till this thread started deviating!! oh well
lol, i dont mind it deviating, we all have a sense of humour...i trust him so at the moment i have to believe im getting the truth! SAS sounds pretty cool anyway, as long as he doesnt get hurt!
vegnomeat said:
Are you absolutely sure that he is actually in the Army and completing basic ?
My thoughts exactly, when he said there wasn't time to read letters! Unless Phase 1 has dramatically shifted tempo in response to Generalissimo Broon's war on terror recently, I find that hard to accommodate!

His name isn't Mike Golden is it?

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