Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HARDMAN476, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. HARDMAN476

    HARDMAN476 Crow

    Idea of a new service I did reveal, was WAH, prob, the best one for a long time so what did you all think of it??

    Special thanks must go to Phil ‘the biggest cunt’ Hardman for his invaluable and vast knowledge in weapons systems at the review centre….. (If there was ever a job for miss-information...!) and Sgt ‘what a tosser’ Gunman, by the time you read this (please don’t) you would have just finished your ‘SAS CBT Training’ at the gay field air soft camp.

    I hate to say it, only to make it convincing, I managed to contact both of these tossers and therefore, was able to mimic they vandalism of the Queen’s English, and yes like the rest of you, while researching for this wah, I nearly pissed myself reading the tossers email to me.

    This experience has opened my mind to the fact the people who do air-soft and paintball are total complete tossers, retards, live in a fantasy, bullied at school and most certainly don’t have a girlfriend.

    Purple Flash
  2. Are you on crack?
  3. It's amazing - you can be a c*ck on two threads at the same time.
  4. I can remember when the Naafi bar used to be funny and Wah's were really clever
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    This must be the real wah, right? HARDMAN has spent the last few months building up to this with sh!te posts to present us with the ultimate wah.

    I saw it first......... or was it the fact that the first wah was overplayed and as funny as Lenny Henry.
  6. dingerr

    dingerr LE

    Even if it was a WAH (which i doubt) you kicked the arse out of it.

    You're a dick, now kindly fuck off!

  7. Or he could put his new service rifle in his mouth and pull the trigger
  8. A genuine, clever wah would have called it around page 105. Up to that point, it was a definite candidate for the Best Of. However, the dead horse was well and truly flogged, and the last 15 pages or so make it worthy of the Arrsehole.

    Well done, fag, you managed to drive the best thread in ages into the ground. you really made to thread a better place, didn't you, fag. (End of team America world police reference...)
  9. deSTABlised

    deSTABlised Old-Salt

    Behave yourself; Lenny "I'm as funny as root canal work" Henry is a rib-cracker in comparison.

    TRAZTAZ War Hero

  11. billc

    billc War Hero

    fookin shi'ite it was
  12. Busta-Gut

    Busta-Gut War Hero

    Hardpuff476 =

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  13. salforddude

    salforddude War Hero

    I thought this cocky illiterate uneducated turd was dead and buried.Cant someone do something?
  14. Gren

    Gren LE

    Is it just me, or when someone has the words, Hard and man or tough and man or anything to make you sound like a "dude" not to be messed with, in the username, i just ignore anything they say anyway, mainly because they are bound to be full of shite from the offset.
  15. salforddude

    salforddude War Hero

    hope that wasnt a crack at me Gren
    Mine references The Big Liebowski" more than any attempt to seem like a hard man