How did you get caught

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joshing-lens, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. How were you caught out when you were playing away?

    The first time I was caught out when I was married, was with a shadow.

    Up a set of step ladders painting a ceiling in the front hall, my sister in law who I was shagging at the time came to visit, let herself in as normal and seeing me on the ladder grabbed my arse pulled me towards her and bit my cock through my jeans. All well and good she knew wife was in so nothing else.

    The downside, wife was in the next room, door open and she saw the shadow on the wall, caught hook line and sinker, when the roof settled back down on the house, suggested she deal with it or sod off. (she dealt with it unfortunately)

    I aint so soft nowadays if I get caught out I just tell em to leave.
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  2. You have very low morals...
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  3. Karma is coming your way brother.
  4. 5 P'S!!
  5. I think that depends on how high up the ladder he was ;-)
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  6. Why? sister in law was a stunner at the time, probably appear on the council house sluts thread soon, not posted by me though it was before digi cameras
  7. Your moral compass is pointing NNW what part of she wastn't your wife didnt you get?

    Oh sorry, NAAFI, stunner you say?
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  8. A letter from married woman describing what we were going to do each other that weekend coming up. Pretty lurid detail such that I thought I'd keep it to re-read later. I left the letter in my suit. Wife took suit to dry cleaners - found, read and ingested contents of the letter.

    Nett result: Me out of the door, with a suitcase, my stereo and my paraglider... apart from from my series III Landy, that was about all I had to show for my marriage.

    Next stop Iraq.
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  9. Oh sorry I'm the ONE that strayed, unlike all the others male or female variety that stay loyal and loving other halves. Anyway she was married as well so 2 negatives make a positive, dont they? :)
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  10. Why would you want the fucking hassle of 2 split arses giving it twitterlips in your life?!
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  11. Who said it was only 2? I only said I got caught with the sister in law and anyway you only get hassle of the one you married to the others are there cause they want to :police:
  12. Nope still can't see the fun in having more than one spilt arse committing every detail of your life to her long term memory.
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  13. So was she the married to your brother type sister in law or the sister of your wife type sister in law?
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