How did you come to be in your regiment?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by carabinier, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Oct 1960 recruiting office in Liverpool,
    Me: a young naive 171/2 year old

    ME: I want to join the RA please

    Rec sgt: "RA ? RA ? no my son there’s no adventure with that lot, its the tanks you should be joining"

    Me: My dad and two brothers where in the RA and said its the best .

    Rec Sgt: Well its ok, but for getting the girls and a great time its the tanks you should be joining,
    here look at these photo's (produces photos of tanks speeding along bloody great cloud of dust from the rear) That could be you in a few months commanding your own tank:
    And look at the uniform they wear" (more pics Guys in blues, yellow striped down legs, chain mail on shoulders)The girls love it he said

    I was hooked from that moment couldn’t put pen to paper fast enough.

    Fast forward to Feb 1961 Catterick, In a line of nigs getting my kit issued. get to the end of the line bloody kit piled above my head, Cpl throws two cap badges over the counter
    I looked at them and see a two headed bird.
    Me: "Cpl im not in this regiment:
    Cpl. "what the bloody hell you on about. NAME?

    Me: "Smith Cpl and I’ve joined the tanks"

    Cpl: Looking at his list "your in the 14/20th King Hussars and there in tanks.

    Me: No cpl I mean the tanks

    Cpl: Screaming "GERROUT NOW, any complaints go see your Sqd instructor"

    Me: "but Cpl I’ve signed up for the tanks in liverpool:

    Cpl: "gerrout my bloody sight NOW"

    The long and short of it was after chatting with the sqd instructor i didn’t have much option so it was the 14/20th for me.
    I would have been able to sue that Rec sgt these days, how the hell was I supposed to know about all these different regiment, thought the tanks was a regiment and that was it.

    so I didn’t choose my regiment, it was chosen for me, anyone else have the same experience.

    Anyone wondering about my name carabinier , I had the pleasure of serving in two of the finest regiments.
    happy days though.
  2. Pull up a sandbag - Went to Corsham in '75 at the age of 15, did all the tests, the world was my oyster, told the Para Major I wanted to be an Armoured Engineer. No vacancies for Sept '76 says he, "Now at the JLR RAC you will be taught to work in close co-operation with Armoured Engineers". And that was before 'spinning' was ever invented!!

    Duly arrived at Bovy in'76 having been told 2RTR was my local regiment, put it down as choice 1, Scots DG 2nd (Grandfather was in the Ayrshire Yeomanry) and 14/20th 3rd (Grandad was a 20th Hussar).

    The rest they say is history.
  3. Joining the RAC was a way for me to get a few days off school.....

    Walked into the school hall, and saw the army careers desk in the corner.

    "If you come along for a small exam, we can see how you get on", says the careers chap.

    My JLR intake started 8 days after I left school !!

    Oh, and the fact that my step-father was an ex RSM in my chosen Regiment helped sway my decision a bit....Or rather he did !!
  4. Went to Harrogate end of 1973 beginning of 74 cant quite remember, wanted to join the Paras (family reasons), went with a lad from school who wanted to join RA, anyway had tests, watched films the usualy bull, so called into room were a RAC Sgt was.

    RAC Sgt.. See you want to join Paras, sorry lad its full up, however we have vacancies in Cavalry, so how about us.

    Me..Okay (last film before being called to room, was chieftan driving through house)

    Came out of room, my mate was in the Paras not the RA, seems he had the same spiel off Para Sgt.
  5. Well, I was walking down this road when I heard a noise from an alleyway, so I just had to find out what it was. Next thing I knew I woke up in Catterick along with another dozen who were in the same boat. It was weird, there was only one who actually joined for the regiment. But there was a Glaswegian going to 1 RTR, a bloke from Leeds and one from London going to some Irish regiment and a scouser joining the QDG. I never did get to the bottom of it all. Unlike the bandsman ..... but that's another story ;)
  6. Fortunately as a 7 termer at JLR we did not have to "badge" until term 4, prior to trade training. So we could give a lot of thought about regimental choice. My local unit was 14/20H but my dad came from Liverpool and I thought black denims looked so good, so 1 RTR it was. I did consider 5 Innis DG because they had (and I still think so) the best and smartest mess dress in the RAC.
  7. good job you didnt join the 5th skins cause after ammalgamation the became known as the foreskins so you could have been a right D**K head :safe:
  8. NS 1952. 68 Regt RA at Oswestry. They ran a week of tests - educational, physical, psychological etc. This gave each guy a points value. Final interview took place in large hall where all the Army trades were listed by points score needed. When called before a panel of civvies and officers (Lt Col and above), one gave the point count and trade you had chosen of the wall. I'd just left college and got the highest mark they showed but looking at the jobs thought 'gun number RA' sounded fun for 2 years. This answer got me a bollo*ing and a debate on TARA. After some while of this patter, a bored and raffish Brigadier said "Do you like dogs?" I replied that I did. "Right" said he "Military Police" and that was the end of that. All that science came down to me liking Fido. When I got out of Woking, the RMP Dog School was full and I never even got to be an official handler. The SIB bloke at my first Provost unit was a real waster on drink and women and this attracted me more even than dogs.
  9. I joined up in 1989, Herford, a rather small garrison town in Germany. The RA Major was pulling me over to gunner technical (yeah, right) the REME rect. Sgt. wanted me to go radar tech (yeah, I had some good scores on the domino test) and the RGJ Sgt. was adamant that the infantry needed me (well, suppose I would have boosted the ave. IQ in any Bn....), I wanted to join the RCT (Dad was RASC/RCT and that was my incentive).


    1st choice - RA
    2nd choice - PWO
    3rd choice - RE

    Now, can someone tell me how I ended up in the RAOC???????
  10. When the AB64 used to give trade on recruitment, I checked a guy. His book said he had been a diamond cutter. His army trade was butcher. Apt in a way.
  11. Arrived at Sutton Caulfield to be met with a Royal Marine sergeant who informed me that to join the marines you needed to do 60 sit ups in a minute not to mention press ups as well and something concerning the bar
    And I took that not to where I could buy a pint. Them marines not for me then
    After completing my academic tests ie too thick to be a REME Technician I was offered the R.A.C.
    I thought brilliant you must get your car driving license if you have to
    drive a Tank totally naïve (see below) ie what the bloody hell is a H
    Category License Unfortunately much to the chagrin of my Regiment( 1st Royal Tank Regiment) They had the misfortune of me
    Joining them.
    Glad I did though they turned out to be a Brilliant Excellent Regiment
  12. You were good with blankets?
  13. was going in to the 16.5th lancers-i liked the cap badge at the time,,,
    ssm at jlr rac said your a londoner right---2rtr then...but im going in 16,5th,,,no you aint thats for brummies....23 years 2rtr later.
  14. "You're a tall lad, you'll be joining the Guards". That wasn't an invite, that was more of an order from a big Jock Gds Sgt. "Nope, I'm not up for that" I said. As I spoke a small grey haired barrel in a dark tartan kilt appeared from a side office...."So, Ye're interested in joining the Watch are ye?"
    I was quite taken aback by this as I really set my heart on becoming an Ammo Tech...I'd scored enough on the in tests the week before and these two were more or less squaring up to each other, convinced that, for some absurd reason, I was remotely interested in joining the infantry. Now I've nothing against the Inf, honourable men, but sadly not my 'cup of rosy' I'm afraid. This was way back in the days where 'Join The Professionals' with Nobby an his mates leaping out of the back of a 432 on a northern German plain, was the order of the day.

    For a moment I did consider the Gds, if only to prevent a fight in the ACIO. I'm sure they got bonuses back then as these two weren't far off exchanging blows.

    Anyway, I confidentally announced that I wanted to join the an Ammo Tech! This was met by a stunned silence which was only broken by the BW WO2 stating in broad Dundonian...."Ye've nae chance, Ye've nae O levels and ye've been in trouble wi' the polis!"

    F*ck, I never thought that they'd hold that one against me. O levels? Would I need to go back to school to get some? Yep, I was informed. I'd have to go back to school. I considered the prospect briefly, a day dream shattered by the memory of that the fact that having been expelled only 6 months earlier, may not help my situation.

    So, that ruled Ammo Tech out.

    Having to think fast on my feet and avoid the psychological 'press ganging' which was going between the Jock Gd and his little pal, I said that I'd join the SCOTS DG! After all, I'd been a SCOTS DG cadet. My two pals looked totally deflated. I'm sure the Jock Gd was about to burst into tears as it looked like the holiday he'd promised his missus on the back of his bonus, was slipping further and further away. The BW WO2 never said a word. He just walked back into his office and shut the door.

    "You can drive tanks in the Guards" was the next thing I heard from the Gds Sgt. F*ck he was beginning to sound like a car salesman trying to recover a deal. No thanks big man, it's the 'Greys' for me!! "They're no called the Greys anymore, they amalgamated in '71" came the raised voice from the closed office where the WO2 had buggered off to. He must have been able to hear an ant fart that bloke.

    Anyway....I joined!!...........and grew to hate the Chieftain with a passion, despite what I have said on other posts.
  15. I wanted to join 2RTR for quite some time during my stages of getting recruited, then I heard they were coming back to England soon, so that put me off joining them. (Tidworth doesn't quite appeal to me as much as Fally in Germany with Hannover pretty near). My local regiment was the 9/12, a recce regt. and my heart was set on the Chally 2. So really, I didn't know who to join.

    After doing my research on the armoured regiments based in Germany with the Chally 2, it soon narrowed it down to just a few. The SCOTS DG had a great cap badge, a cool coloured beret, and of course, the history of the regiment, all intrigued me. So that's who I joined, as an Englishman.