How did you come by your avatar?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. My first avatar was a little yellow fella furiosly havin' a Barclay's. Then I switched for a time to the coat-of-arms of Waterford, before finally settling on the Mick tricolour.

    I'd had it for quite a time, when another Mick joined ARRSE and adopted it too. The problem was that I'd scroll through threads and stop at my (our) avatar and then wonder to meself: "Now when the fuck did I write that?". So I cleverly transposed a "Bugsy" across it to differentiate.

    So what's the story behind your avatar?

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    General Clive Wynn Candy VC
    From one of my favorite films
    The life and Death of Colonel Blimp

    I like to see myself as a Blimp rustling the Daily mail and crying "By Gad Sir" as I fire up the outrage bus :D
  3. 'Borrowed' off of a past user, only swap for poppy later in the year.
  4. Its some combat engineers in afghanistan.

    Same sort of route i wish to take.


  5. my avatar is me a fat bird
  6. My avatar doesn't exactly need a great deal of figuring out! From my time as a deminer working in various sh!teholes around the world.

    The sign in my avatar is from The (Un)Democratic Republic of Congo. Danger Mines in English above with the nearest thing in Swahili below: Hatari Ya Kufa actually means 'danger of death' as there is nothing close to mines in their language. Not that any fcuker outside of a city can read anyway!

    I chose that particular sign as, perhaps somewhat perversely, I enjoyed working in that disease ridden mad house!
  7. It makes me twitch.
  8. Just crawled into the screen one day.
  9. But you don't actually say what makes you twitch. So is it:
    1. Your beginning Parkinson's;
    2. A little yellow fella furiously wanking (which you probable never saw);
    3. The Waterford coat-of-arms (which you also probably never saw); or
    4. The Mick tricolour with "BUGSY" written across it?

    Elucidation would be very much appreciated, mucker (although I can see where you're going and forget it).

  10. When I registered here I wanted an avatar that reflected my username, so I searched for 'tartan' and found the famous Younger's Tartan Special logo, which I thought fitted the bill quite nicely.

  11. Mine's self explanatory, i'm a scouser, the amount of grief we get when we stick up for the old country, this way, we have our own nationality. ;)
  12. I used to hero worship old Windsor, But he left the Army and opened an Antiques shop with that twat Donald Sinden.
  13. I recall a similar 'arrse' theme a while back. I was Bob _Lawlaw but was obliged to change on moving jobs and not having my IT guru on hand to maintain the rule(ID). Our web masters were in-ordinately helpfull but failed to realise that my initial training was on a '303'.
    As for my current avatar, well, it bares a remarkable resemblance as to how I look in these times, less the fag dimension. I should explain for our American brothers yet again, a 'fag' is a cigarette in our parlance.

    Yup, in bright sunlight, fans of Clint Eastwood or Lee Marvin wearing sunglasses ask me for an autograph. Just a pity I'm only 5' tall. God I've said too much already oih vey.......
  14. You're right there, Alec, that this theme was discussed a few years ago. However, so many folks have joined since then that I thought it'd provide some food for thought (and inspiration) for future ARRSErs. Like you do, y'a know?

  15. I just like hamsters.

    Nah, when I first joined my Battalion out of Depot 'Hamster' was a slang term for lads who spent their entire leave entitlement in Hamburg. Not that I was one of them, or anything... Anybody see that telly programme last night?...