How did this not make the news?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Via Reuters hotlink

    Radical Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's party signs an accord with the wider Shi'ite alliance

    You what????? . How the bloody hell is this going to affect our operations in the South now? Chalibi involved? Oh what a surprise.

    I look forward to Jack o' Straw spluttering on the 6 o' clock news that this is expected, and part of the "normalising of Iraq and democracy"

    Wake up!!!!!!! Iraq is about to become greater Iran.
  2. Good Mooorrrrrning Vietraq ............
  3. Oh this will make policing Southern Iraq so much easier......

    Good thing we didn't listen to those warnings from those nasty , resentful saddamist Sunnis hey?
  4. Hmmmm, I'd suggest adopting the Beaufort scale for this as at least it goes up to 12. Selfishly, I can see the respective political leaderships in Washington and London grabbing the call for us to leave Iraq as "an expression of the democratically elected government of Iraq, allowing us to depart with honour (honor if you will) and to say 'mission accomplished'"
  5. Get with the program dammit! Thats already been said. Now toe the party line WE ARE WINNING! :D
  6. 12? I think the needle's off the scale

    A masterstroke by Al-Sadr, the man who would be King , and Chalibi answering a higher calling, and I don't mean "Free and democratic Iraq"

    Everything that Rumsfeld said we wouldn't see happen in Iraq is coming to pass. The Iranian President must have been admitted to hospital to stitch his sides back up , he's been laughing that much. :(

    So let me get this right, and the implications for us. We will now have to work with Al-Sadr's mob after the election landslide, so that means the Police and the Military will be permanently tainted by secterian loyalties, so any effort we make may be largely wasted?

    Does this mean that Al-Sadr's merry men can go back to what they do best , and a new crime wave envelops the South , as we can't lift anyone and expect prosecution in the Iraqi courts?

    Meanwhile , all those nasty jealous resentful saddamist Sunnis will see themselves as further sidelined, and those Sunnis who were on the fence about "Gittin som'" will have their minds made up very soon indeed. Meanwhile , the Kurds will say "Oh fekk , we need our homeland now" and the whole shooting match is heading for Sh*tsville.

    Oh just put sodding Saddam back in charge :mad:
  7. Meanwhile ,

    President Nero said .....


    This piece is being syndicated. Interestingly enough , the New York Times version carries this rider at the base

    An Iraqi employee of The New York Times contributed reporting for this article
  9. I think Iraqi employeese are the ones who do most of the on the ground work like interviewing Iraqis for the western papers these days as the reporters are stuck in the green zone.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Iraq is not now, nor is it ever, going to become part of Iran. This was not in the 'papers over here as it isn't news. It has been known about for ages. And just what effect will it have on us in the South?

    Simply put, ALL political parties in Iraq want the Coalition to withdraw. the Colaition wants to withdraw. And, oddly enough, all sides are agreed as to the conditions for the withdrawal. THe elections will probably see a Shi'ite majority in Parliament, but so what? In the true course of Middle Eastern politics, it could take months to form a Cabinet, let alone anything else.

    Straw is, for once, absolutely correct. Disengage panic mode, and read the wider background to this.
  11. How did this not make the news?
    Maybe they have moderators too?
  12. From my funtime in funland I 'd say that yes ALL Political parties want us out...Only cos we get in the way of their favourite Political debating techiques, the shoot and scot, the snatch and slot and the drive and bang.

    99.9% of REAL people, that is not to say NOT Political animals, prefer us to the IPS cos we're trustworthy and don't slot peeps cos they wear green inside of black, or each other....As happened this year a lot