How did this country get so fukced up?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. To quote Lord Flasheart in a different thread-
    "How did this country get so fukced up?"
    Any views..and strategies/ideas to turn this once great nation around?
  2. Bite the hand that feeds you. :lol:
  3. Political Correctness!
  4. One word answer, - starts with "B", ends with "Liar"!

    (This may not be 100% accurate, but I hate the tw@, so I'm bothered a stack) :evil:
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Most of the cr*p legislation that led to the subjugation of this once great nation to political correctness, etc came from putting on the yoke of servitude to Brussels...

    Hang Heath as a traitor, repeal EU laws and let's get back to reality.
  6. :twisted: It started with successive governments having imperial delusions while being unwilling to pay for the assets to preserve and underpin them. Thatcher started it by seeing the forces as an election winner in re-taking the Falklands - something we probably couldn't do now - and then presided over cutbacks. Sound familiar?

    Now we've got the current bunch of muppets and ex-CND tree-huggers trying to hang on to an outrageously expensive Trident strategic nuclear fleet which has outlived its usefulness, but costs upwards of 2 billion a year to maintain. The bottom line is that it guarantees Bliar and Co a seat at the top table internationally and the kudos that goes with it. Fcuking hypocrites.

    The problem is, while the MoD spends 8% of the budget on nuclear missiles and their launch platforms at a time when there are no discernible targets to aim at, the guys in Iraq and elsewhere don't have enough body-armour to save their lives. The politicos don't care. The forces are simply a means to an end.

    Watch the real butchery begin if the Iron Chancellor ever makes it to No 10. Odin forbid!
  7. Olive Green, I found your political motivations interesting, please expand on "How did this country get so fukced up?" - do you mean Economically? Politically? Your post is a bit silly really.

    What are you on about? Why CND or ex-CND members want to retain the trident subs??
  8. The question has no hidden agenda and was Lord Flasheart's on another thread. Answer it- if you have any response to it- as you see fit; economically, politically, spiritually, militarily, socially...whatever.....or just ignore it.
    Silly posts on arrse- whatever next?! :wink:
  9. Europe,
    political correctness,
    spineless governments,
    gravy train,
    left wing t0ssers,
    no direction

  10. Fcuked up? Not for me it isn't. I'd rather live here than anywhere else I've been.
  11. Good point. A fair bit of whinging self-pity on this thread, I feel. As stated, spend a few weeks in places like Saudi, Somalia, etc to see what a country that is really going to the dogs looks like.
  12. Manchestercop should read some of phoney tonys (I have spelt his name in lower case to preserve his anonimity) history. He was once a member of CND and said that he wanted to scrap, unilaterally, our nuclear deterrent. I don't know whether or not he wanted to hug trees, but given his performance generally, the cheap rogue would agree with Herods massacre of the first born if he thought there was a vote in it.

    I think I live in the best country in the world, but I have a feeling that there is something wrong. We live by the letter of the law, when we used to live by the spirit. We have Policemen who dress in some sort of fancy combat kit (though apparently they spend most of their time in the station filling forms so some lawyer can't get his scrote of a client off on a technicality) when we used to have really rather dependable chaps walking the street. We have an education system built on some vague idea of social engineering, yet produces people who go on to do a degree who have to be taught basic english usage, and a health service that, well! speak to any doctor or nurse.

    We have a Govt that when first elected said it would do the unthinkable and it has. Probably the only election pledge that it kept. No one thought that it would reinforce a failing health service, a failed education system and leave a badly flawed pension system alone. Anything that the Govt/Civil Service touches it breaks, our administration is institutionally inept and the system is reinforcing its ineptness.

    Oh and in case anyone thinks this is a party political broadcast - it isn't the Tories/Lib Dems/Greens/New Labour/Old Stalinists are all as bad as each other. I don't know the answer except that perhaps a few more people sacked without big payoffs and a lot less places at University for law degrees would help.
  13. Blair's a self serving scumbag but that's pretty much the raison d'etre of every single politician. For elected representives of their constituents they don't half guzzle the champagne!

    The problem is that, no matter for whom you vote, the government always gets in!

    Sad but true.


  14. The ultimate responsibility lies at the feet of the British public, not with Europe, not with PC, not with "lefties", not With Tony Bliar.

    With YOU and with ME.

    When Brits learn to make effective protests (having a street party with your mates is not an effective protest, even if there are a million of you) and accept that protesting will hurt them. Then perhaps governments of whatever colour will start to take notice of what they actually want, rather than offering them a choice between 3 or 4 different brands of things that they don't.

    Until then any complaint is just a rant in the pub or a post on a messageboard, a transitory, valueless, cry in the dark.

  15. the politics may be crap , but the people who live in this country have got to shoulder the blame for the way things are going to, i could bitch on about the fabric of society being degraded etc etc. but the long and short of it is we are becoming a nation of scumbags , pure and simple , how many times have you been on holiday and physically cringed at other brits , i mean if it wasn't for jerry , WE would be the most hated country in europe.
    have a look around your own town tonight if you're in the u.k. it's like someone let the animals out of the zoo , fat birds in clothes 3 sizes to small drinking bacardi breezers , and gangs of w*nkers in short sleeved shirts mouthing off at everything that moves till they go home , make ugly kids and start the whole depressing cycle again , this country didn't get f*cked up. we f*cked it up .pure and simple my friends. :evil: :evil: :(