How did the Liberals pull back the Tories in coalition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hogstable, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Since Clegg has got his award ......

    During the Conservative Liberal coalition how did Clegg and the Liberals moderate or pull back the Tories.

    Mods feel free to move if you wish.
  2. Boundary reform was one that springs to mind.
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  3. NSP

    NSP LE

    I'm fairly certain that without Clegg and Co. running interference and blocking critical plans then austerity would have bit deeper, harder and faster - and would mostly have been done and dusted by now. Instead, we're still wallowing in it, with the added bonus of our esteemed politicians falling over themselves to bugger up Brexit (whilst telling us they're getting us the best thing since sliced bread, naturally).

    The mind boggles...
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  4. Increasing the income tax allowance has long been a LibDem policy. Without Clegg and Co you'd be paying more income tax than you do now.
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  5. Welcome to Scotland or Wales. We may be paying more for labour fooling. I hate socialists.
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  6. NSP

    NSP LE

    Indeed. But the public purse might not be as empty now.
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  7. I'd rather decide how to spend the money that I earned than leave it to the 'public purse'...
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  8. I would not complain if the UK as a whole paid the same. Fairness and all that.
    Was paying a lot of tax 2000 to 2012. Now I appear to be paying nowt?
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  9. Presumably in much the same ways as any kind of liberals hold back society at large
  10. Clegg has got his rewards and probably a few nice directorships to come his way.
    Being an MP must be a hard life these days.
  11. According to this chap;21 extreme Tory policies the Lib Dems blocked
    • Inheritance tax cuts for millionaires
    • Scrapping help with housing costs for young people
    • Weakening arrest warrants for people who have fled overseas
    • Firing workers at will, without any reasons given
    • Regional pay penalising public sector workers outside London and the South East
    • Privatising the motorways and key A-Roads
    • The Snoopers’ Charter
    • Bringing back the old O-level / CSE divide
    • Profit-making in state schools
    • Cutting the time childminders can give to each child
    • Cutting new nursery buildings
    • Stopping geography teachers telling children about how we can tackle climate change
    • Axing human rights from national curriculum
    • Ditching the Human Rights Act
    • Appointing Michael Howard as a European Union Commissioner
    • Watering down the ban on hunting by allowing 40 dogs to flush out a fox
    • Weakening the protections in the Equalities Act
    • Renewing Trident in this Parliament
    • Scrapping Natural England
    • Cutting investment in green energy
    • Nation-wide immigration checks on all new tenants and lodgers
  12. Austerity for who?
  13. NSP

    NSP LE