How culturally aware are you?

Keeping it topical, I had a crack at the Muslim one. I scored 80% which should be enough for me to keep my head firmly attached to my shoulders :D
I'm a bit dubious about trying the Japanese one, doesnt their culture revolve around a slightly pervy obsession with school girls? :wink:
Nah, just work like a dog, be polite to everyone (holdover from samurai killing anyone they liked), like outdated 70's music and you'll get at least 60%. The schoolgirl underwear sniffing is purely optional.
70% for dining...thankfully no sheeps' eyeballs.

(apparently the sheeps' eyeballs story arises from a cultural misunderstanding in which the cultural practice was to use the eyeballs to decorate the food as an indication of the freshness of the meat, and they were not for consumption!)

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